Scots photographer captures amazing relationship between mandarin duck and female “muse”


A SCOTS photographer has captured the amazing relationship between a mandarin drake and his female “muse”.

Yid Whellans has snapped several photographs of the brightly coloured mandarin with his female mallard friend on the River Tweet in Kelso, Scottish Borders.

The 57-year-old from nearby Duns managed to find the lovebirds on two separate occasions – firstly on 28 Feb and then on the following day.

Two love birds | Scottish News
Yid’s snap of the two love birds.

The duo have apparently been inseparable for three years and known to locals for their blossoming romance.

One image shows the two ducks facing each other in a shot captures the outstandingly bright colours of the beautiful mandarin.

Another shot shows the pair side-by-side, swimming off into the distance together.

Two love birds | Scottish News
Yid’s snap of the two love birds swimming side by side.

One other amazing image shows the mandarin stretching out and showing off his vibrant blue, orange and purple feathers. 

Yid has also captured an incredible shot displaying the bird drinking from the highly detailed water from its fluorescent red beak. 

Yid became aware of the rare duck after his wife, Elaine, 52, received a snap of the exotic like bird from a colleague.

Elaine’s colleague explained that the male mandarin had found himself in a “doomed love affair” after “falling for” the female mallard.

Mandarin Duck | Scottish News
The beautiful mandarin duck drinking from the water.

She claimed that the mandarin has followed the female around wherever she goes for the past three years. 

Speaking today, Yid said: “One of my wife’s colleagues was taking a walk after a tough shift they are nurses in the intensive care unit so she took a snap on her phone and showed it to my wife, telling her about the doomed love affair.

“She just said that he has fallen for a female mallard and is never far from her side.

“It follows it about everywhere. This has gone on for three years apparently.
“Genetically nothing can happen , but it didn’t stop him trying.

Speaking about how he managed to track down the mandarin, Yid added: “It was on the other side of the river so couldn’t see it at first.

Mandarin Duck | Scottish News
The mandarin duck showing off his beautiful colors.

“I was gutted but it was there with his muse standing under a fallen tree.

“It was amazing I have never seen anything like it. 

“I became slightly obsessed, I took hundreds of photos.

“I started taking landscapes and birds just to keep me active and sane to be honest.

“When you have been in lockdown for a year, taking photos of something different gives you a lift, a boost.”

Yid posted his incredible snaps to Facebook yesterday where they went viral, collecting 3.8 thousand likes and over 200 shares. 

Lorraine Hulstone said: “Beautiful colouring.”

Jennifer Clarke wrote: “Great pics , wonderful colours.”

Carol Harrison commented: “Absolutely stunning!”

Laura Jane Cooper replied: “Now this is one fancy duck.”