Londoner pranked with 50 calls a day of Chewbacca impersonations


AN IT consultant has been pranking his friend who “gets too rowdy at dinner parties” into getting 50 calls each day of Chewbacca impersonators.

Theo, Charlie and Marcus have been plastering posters for a Chewbacca impersonation competition around London – with their friend Monty’s number on it. 

The trio of friends – all aged 25 – decided to prank their fellow friend because “he causes a ruckus at dinner parties.”

The group have been hanging posters all around London hot spots to attract maximum calls to their unaware friends mobile.

Much to the annoyance of Monty, he has been inundated with calls from would-be-wookies, who have been impersonating the Star Wars icon over the phone. 

The prankster friends lured callers in with a £100 cash prize for the best submission. 

The poster, with Monty’s mobile number attached, read: “Best Chewbacca impression wins £100.”

“Leave a message.”

“Winner will be rung back.”

As a result of their campaign, Monty has been receiving over 50 calls a day.

Chewbacca Competition | UK News
The posters were plastered around high traffic London hotspots.

Completely unaware of the prank campaign against him, Monty is convinced that it is one person harassing him constantly.

Speaking today the main orchestrator of the prank, Theo said: “What you have to understand is that Monty views the world in a very different way to everyone else.

“He is very loud and always causes a ruckus at dinner parties.

“He is always very rowdy and doesn’t ever listen. 

“We enjoy ruffling his feathers.”

Unsurprisingly, images of the Chewbacca poster surfaced on social media and caused users to deem it a “revenge” prank.

One user wrote: “Someone is getting some payback.”

Whilst another said: “Old revenge prank from the early 2000’s.”

Someone else commented: “Is that his worst enemy’s number though?”

Chewbacca Competition | UK News
The posters were plastered around high traffic London hotspots.

Theo went on to reflect on the success of the prank: “He faced 50 a day and was under the misguided belief that it was one individual who was possibly ‘a terrorist’.

“I never thought that I could gaslight him into believing that it was possibly a bird identification app who Vodafone had inadvertently connected to his phone.

“Monty is a delicate flower at the best of times and whilst his raucous behaviour at dinner parties pre-covid warranted some form of payback, this has far exceeded expectations.”

This is not the first time that people have found themselves victim to the Chewbacca phone prank.

Last year, Jessica Sewell from Queensland, Australia was also inundated with Chewbacca calls after being pranked by her ex-boyfriend of three years.

Chewbacca, also known as Chewie, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise.

He is known for his distinct hairy appearance and animal like growls throughout the films.

Actor Peter Mayhew played the large character in the original film series before passing away in 2019.

Mayhew was picked to play the large Wookie due to being over seven foot tall.