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Ways in Which the Pandemic Changed Our Online Behavior


Things have taken a turn for the better this year, and we have crossed what can be termed as one of the worst years in human history. No, we are not done and dusted with the pandemic. The curve has not yet been flattened, and it will take many more months or perhaps years to go back to what we know as the normal. However, it can be said that the infection rates have dropped, people have gone back to work, and businesses that went remote have gradually started calling back their employees to work. We are more confident about going out and meeting friends over a drink in a pub, and some of us have even started frequenting our favorite public places. Things have started to look up now that we have a few vaccines in place too. And now that we have regained a bit of our peace and reclaimed our sanities, it might be best to reflect upon how we spent the toughest phase during the pandemic.

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It goes without saying that the pandemic has permanently altered the shape of our planet, in a sense, and changed the way we behave online and offline. One of the most important parts of our collective lives that occupied more space than ever during the pandemic was the Internet. Most of us who had to work from home was heavily dependent on the Internet, and those who had the privilege to access the cyberspace fell back on it to kill their time. We had a lot of it on our hands! Naturally, the way we interacted with the Internet also changed during the pandemic. What we browse, websites we visit the most, services that we use- all these went through changes, and our overall online behavior changed drastically. That said, in the article we have today, we shall look at some of the ways in which our online behavior changed during the pandemic.

People Seek Refuge in Streaming Platforms and Online Gaming Websites Now More than Ever:

With the pandemic dismantling our known lives and old ways of living, all we were left with was ample time to waste and while away. Naturally, we turned to the Internet to come to our rescue. Studies have shown that some of the most used websites were Facebook, Netflix and YouTube. Several other streaming platforms also witnessed a huge surge in their business. 

People had all the time on their hands and thus, used the same to discover new shows and movies. The same held true for online gaming websites as well. People spent their time exploring new games and playing to their heart’s content on several trusted gaming websites like Even now, with offices reopening and people going back to work, this trend has not changed. Therefore, this is one way in which our online behavior changed during the pandemic.

Video Conferences and Video Chats Have Become a Source of Making Connections during the Pandemic:

Social media sites have always been one of the most preferred ways of keeping connections alive and making new ones too. However, even though traditional social media sites kept growing consistently, it seemed that people wanted more than to just chat over these platforms. As we practiced social distancing and locked ourselves up in our homes, video chats became our only outlet to the world outside. In fact, educational institutions and offices started depending heavily on several video conferencing applications.

The pandemic has also led to an increased interest among people to learn about their neighbors. A renewed interest has been witnessed in the social media site Nextdoor, which is a site that helps neighbors connect with each other.

People are More Interested in Working and Learning from Home Using the Internet:

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, offices and educational institutions started depending heavily on the Internet during the pandemic, and this is still the case now that the worst is over. Employees, employers, teachers and students now use the Internet and its services like Google Hangout, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to work and learn from home. Perhaps nothing else had a deeper impact on our lives than this kind of online activity. 

From school assignments to work meetings, everything took place via these platforms and continue to be so even a year after the pandemic. Therefore, as the pandemic toppled our lives, we sought refuge in these online meetings and platforms that helped us stay connected to each other.

Summing Up:

The virus changed every aspect of our lives. We have always been heavily dependent on technology; this is not really news. However, the way we use and consume the services of the Internet has changed dramatically over the past year. And though we are steadily going back to normal, now that our online behavior has changed, it might remain the same for a significantly long period. All that we can do now is roll with the times and adapt to the new normal.