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NewsHilarious video shows Scot's VR headset fail as he crashes into lamp...

Hilarious video shows Scot’s VR headset fail as he crashes into lamp and table

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Scot loses his balance while playing a virtual reality game – and goes tumbling into a table and lamp.

John Binnie captured the moment his uncle John came crashing down after having a few beers and playing the virtual reality game on Saturday night.

In the clip, John can be seen standing in the middle of the living room in Denny, Falkirk wearing an Oculus virtual reality headset.

He can be seen standing with his fists outright, ready to punch in a virtual reality boxing match in the living room.

As the bell rings for the start of the first round, John shouts: “Oh ya c***, you gave me a fright!”

He then rushes forward at his virtual opponent, saying: “F**, get to f**!”

One man can be heard in the background saying: “John be careful!”

Unaware of his surroundings and completely in the zone, John then topples over himself and crashes into the corner of the room.

As he falls over his leg crashes into a standing lamp, breaking it in half.

Scots uncle crashes into table and lamp in hilarious video - Scottish News
John loses his balance throwing a punch in the hilarious video.

He also manages to flip a small coffee table in the process as he lies in a heap on the floor.

A picture taken of John after his fall shows him wearing the lampshade over his head, clutching a glass of beer.

Since the video was captured on Saturday night, John’s nephew decided to share it onto Facebook, captioning his post: “When you give the uncle a shot of VR boxing.”

Since he posted the video, it has been shared over 5,000 times and left users in stitches.

Ellen McGuigan said: “Omg could only happen to John, I can’t move hahahaha.”

Ross Hadow commented: “I’m lying here nearly greeting with laughter, f*** me man.”

Scots uncle crashes into table and lamp in hilarious video - Scottish News
He ends up in a heap in the corner of the living room.

Speaking today, John said: “I asked my uncle to pop see me for a beer. He always cheers me up.

“Had a few beers and thought I would give him a shot of the VR Boxing, he hadn’t seen it before and knew it would be a laugh, just didn’t expect that to happen.

“I was actually shocked at first, once I helped him up he just said ‘sorry John l will buy you a new lamp’, that’s when I burst out laughing. Absolutely priceless.

“I thought it was outrageously funny but didn’t think it would blow up like it has, it’s totally went crazy, I actually can’t believe it.”

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