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Over three quarters of Brits are losing sleep due to lockdown worries

BRIT’S have been losing sleep over lockdown with new research indicating that 2020 may have been the worst year for sleep in Britain.

According to new research, a staggering 85% of UK residents believe the ongoing lockdown has negatively affected their sleeping habits; with financial worries, lack of a social life and spending too long watching tv or on our phones

800 UK residents were surveyed to determine how the pandemic has increased stress and anxiety levels with many revealing their sleep has suffered immensely.

A woman sleeping - Health News Scotland
(Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash) People in the UK are said to be losing substantial amounts of sleep time due to the pandemic

The results show that on average most people are struggling to fall asleep either 3 or 4 times a week, however 13% say they struggle every night due to their feelings of anxiety or stress.

It is recommended that adults get around eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night in order to feel at their best, a statement supported by nearly 70% of  the respondents.

The research has said that having less than eight hours sleep can effect productivity, concentration and an increase in mood changes.

Nearly 80% of those surveyed said they would be open to try CBD products to help them sleep better, and just under 15% said they already have done and believed it worked.

CBD products have recently become increasingly popular with reported benefits said to include reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, supporting our immune system, and aiding with inflammation.

Olivia Ferdi of TRIP – the firm that led the research – said: “2020 was a rough year for pretty much everyone, so it’s no surprise that all of the stresses and anxiety last year brought with it has had a lasting impact on people’s sleep.

“Especially when working from home, finding ways to unwind and creating separation from the working day is really important – having a moment of calm before bed can really help stop your mind racing.

“I have found that having a TRIP drink or a few drops of our strong CBD oil just before bed is the perfect way for me to calm my mind and get some stress-free sleep.”

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