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3 Ways to Make a Home Safer for Ageing in Place


Aging in place is something that most seniors would prefer to do these days. No one wants to have to move into a new place or give up all the comforts of their regular life just because they’re getting a little older. However, it is important to recognize that as we age, we’re more likely to fall victim to various ailments and conditions that might make it a little tougher to life with complete independence. If you’re planning on staying put as you get older, we’ve got a few tips that might help you to age in place while staying as safe as possible.

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Address the Stairs Problem

Most of the time, the biggest worry for people aging in place is figuring out how to safely use the stairs when their mobility isn’t what it used to be. Getting up to the top floor of your home and back down again can be a risky process if your legs aren’t as steady as they once were. You might even find that you’re at a higher risk of falling than you used to be. While one option might be to install a stair lift, these are often unappealing, and harder to navigate for other people living in your home. A good alternative could be to look into a home lifts provider who can install a stylish home lift in your property. With a lift, you can carry things up and downstairs with ease, and relax when moving between floors.

Think About the Bathroom

The bathroom is another worrisome space for people who are aging in place. Although your stairs might be a major source of risk if you’re worried about falling, spaces where you’re going to be exposed to slippery surfaces can be just as dangerous. With that in mind, consider how you might be able to update the bathroom according to your needs. You could install a grab bar next to the bath and toilet to help with stability, or add a chair to your shower so you don’t have to stand for long periods of time when trying to remain clean. Some people even choose to have walk-in bathtubs installed, or lifts that allow them to move in and out of the bath with ease.

Update Your Lighting

Finally, updating your lighting is one of the best things you can do when you’re aging in place. The better you can see the space around you, the less likely it is that you’re going to trip and fall when you’re heading to the bathroom or getting out of bed first thing in the morning. Update your lighting with motion-activated options, or consider using a smart speaker so you can turn your lights on and off with your voice. It’s much easier today to create fantastic smart homes that help you to stay safe when you’re moving around and enjoying your daily activities. You could even set up an automated light that turns itself off when you get into bed, and turns on again when it sees you getting out of bed.