Bizarre dashcam clip captures Mazda driver doing 180degree spin while going around roundabout


A BIZARRE dash cam clip has captured the moment a Mazda driver lost control of his motor and pulled a 180 degree spin on a roundabout.

The shocked driver who captured the footage narrowly avoided a collision with the Mazda at the Maybury Road roundabout in Edinburgh last Friday.

Footage of the strange scene was caught on the dash cam of Mark Morrell as he travelled behind the car.

In the clip, IT technician Mark can be seen driving behind a blue Mazda 3 as the two approach a roundabout.

The Mazda sticks to the left hand lane of the roundabout while Mark drives into the right hand lane.

As the Mazda attempts to take the first exit, the wheels appear to lock on the car causing it to swivel across the exit and into the other lane.

Mark, 43, quickly manages to dodge the blue car whose driver ends up facing in the direction it approached the roundabout from.

Mark shared his footage onto Facebook that same day, captioning his post: “Slippy roundabout.”

The cause of the bizarre incident has started a debate with many users wondering what went wrong.

Bizarre dashcam clip shows Mazda driver pull 180 on roundabout - Dash Cam UK
The Mazda slips out of nowhere and pulls a 180 across the exit.

Bob Rooke said: “Bad road surfacing. Happened to two major roundabouts near me.

“They had to skim it and reseal it with non slip stuff.”

Bill Stead posted: “Bald tyres. Or diesel. Or both.”

Ste Royal commented: “I thought it was a nicely executed handbrake turn.”

Bizarre dashcam clip shows Mazda driver pull 180 on roundabout - Dash Cam UK
Mark managed to dodge the car and continue on his way.

Speaking today, Mark said: “There could have been a spillage, but I never slid on my side of the road, nor did the cars behind on that side.

“I did think he might have pulled the handbrake at first, but then you think people wouldn’t be so stupid.

“I saw his face as I drove past and he didn’t look shocked or scared, more resigned to the fact he messed up. Like he expected it, or it has happened before.

“It did slide very easily after the brakes locked so maybe there was a spillage.”