Gordon Ramsay accused of losing his heritage after spelling Irn Bru wrong


GORDON Ramsay has been accused of losing his Scottish heritage after spelling Irn Bru wrong.

The 54-year-old, originally from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, captioned his video commentary: “Iron Bru is for drinking not marinating!

“Mon wee man #scotland #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks #pakora.”

The post was immediately inundated with comments from fuming Scots who couldn’t believe that Ramsay had misspelled Scotland‘s national drink.

@xitauro: said: “Gordon man, you’re Scottish yourself and you spelt Irn Bru wrong.” 

@.salemaddams added: “ It’s Irn Bru ya f***** weapon.” 

@muppet_banana_ann said: “Okay Mr Ramsay you’re Scottish and your accent isn’t that good. Oh and its “Irn… I think he’s lost his Scottish heritage. (Sorry gogz).”

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@vaqasmahmood wrote: “How can you claim to be Scottish and not be able to spell Irn Bru properly?”

“lisa_h77 commented: “It’s Irn Bru not Iron Bru…you’re supposed to be Scottish” alongside a palm to the face emoji.

And n…..mummy wrote: “How can you not know how to spell Irn Bru Gordon? Come on, you’re Scottish.”

Other TikTok followers mocked the foul-mouthed chef for his attempt at putting on a thick Scottish accent.

@mick6996 said: “The fake Scottish accent. Embarrassing!” 

In the clip, Gordon is shown watching Myles’s cook his  Scottish Twist on the popular spiced fritter. 

As he throws salt and spices into a bowl of chicken, Ramsay exclaims: “Party started? It sounds like a nightmare!

“That’s a lot of salt big boy.”

The TikTok star then pours Irn Bru into the bowl, prompting Ramsay to shout: “No! No! Don’t you dare! You’re putting Irn Bru in a chicken pakora?”

Ramsay continues to roast the Glasgow chef and even reignites his feud with Falkirk, exclaiming: “No! No! Come away tae Falkirk!” 

The post was immediately inundated with comments from fuming Scots who couldn’t believe that Ramsay had misspelled Scotland’s national drink.

A couple of users were bewildered at the TV Chef’s obsession after he was criticised for calling the Scottish area a “s****hole” on his BBC quiz show, Bank Balance.

The father-of-five trashed Falkirk on a recent episode of the show prompting the area’s provost to demand an apology over his “foul-mouthed statement”.

TikTok user @rebecca_thehoman_hawke said: “Sir what do you have against Falkirk? Who hurt you?” 

@xxcatthomsonx said: “I love that you’re still bashing Falkirk, honestly its so funny because you’re so right.” 

@elainerafferty added: “Come away tae Falkirk” followed by three crying laughing emojis.

Ramsay’s clip has been viewed 100,000 times, liked over 157,000 times and attracted more than 2000 comments. 

A spokesperson from IRN-BRU said: “Gordon’s clearly spent too much time in Hell’s Kitchen.

“There’s only one original and best IRN-BRU.”