Scottish fire team called out on emergency call – to rescue pigeon


A FIRE and rescue team were rushed out on an emergency called out – to save a tangled pigeon. 

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) sent one of their engines to the Newkirkgate Shopping Centre in Leith, Edinburgh yesterday  to save the bird.

Dozens of concerned locals watched on and filmed as firefighters restricted the walkway with red and white tape so that they could get close to the trapped animal.


The poor pigeon could be seen dangling in distress from an overhanging roof top after becoming entangled in wire.

One firefighter can be seen using his vehicle’s extendable ladder to safely cup the bird before trying to remove the cable.

The terrified pigeon can be seen hanging upside down and flapping around while the firefighter tries to untangle it free.

The rescue mission, which went on for 30 minutes, finally came to an end when the firefighter managed to carry the pigeon back down to safety.

Crowds of people who had been watching the whole incident unravel can be heard cheering when the firefighter and the bird head back down to safety.

Pigeon Rescue | Scottish News
The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service working hard to release the pigeon.

One local spectator, Noah Nangle, 29, watched on and filmed the rescue on his phone.

Speaking today, he said: “I noticed the crowds gathered and looking up at the poor bird whose life was hanging in the balance. 

“I don’t know who called them as it looked like one firefighter was there when I arrived and then the engine arrived moments after.

“It seemed strange that one little pigeon could cause such a commotion but I was glad the fire brigade arrived to save the pigeon as it would have been beyond cruel to leave him/her there hanging like a piñata.

“It brightened up my day that the bird was saved and refreshing to witness some positive news for a change.

“I was enormously relieved.

“I couldn’t say if everyone cheered in happiness for the pigeon or out of admiration for the fire brigade.”

Pigeon Rescue | Scottish News
The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service working hard to release the pigeon.

Noah posted the video of the bizarre animal rescue mission to Facebook yesterday, gaining hundreds of likes and shares and dozens of comments. 

Brooke Clark wrote: “Amazing. Pigeons are living beings too.”

Daniel W. Hutton said: “Well done, rightly so too.”

Gill Henderson commented: “Absolutely brilliant! Poor bird will hopefully be ok. Heroes our fire service!”

And Louise Wallace replied: “I’m so happy they rescued it. It’s a living thing with feelings!”