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BusinessMackie's Crisps unveil new nostalgic flavour, Pickled Onion

Mackie’s Crisps unveil new nostalgic flavour, Pickled Onion

A NEW flavor of crisps has been announced by a much loved Scottish brand with the new flavour set to hit the shelves this week.

Mackie’s Crisps have announced the new flavour Pickled Onion will be in stores this Wednesday with the firm hoping the new flavour will gives consumers a trip down memory lane.

An initial run of 150,000 bags will be distributed and will follow in the foosteps of previous special flavours such as: Lorne Sausage and Brown Sauce, and Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.

Mackies Pickled Onion Crisps - Food and Drink News Scotland
Mackies Pickled Onion Crisps are set to hit shelves this week

Retailing from £1 – £1.70, Mackie’s Pickled Onion 150g share bags are making their debut across 143 Scotmid Co-Op stores.

The crisps are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, made only with natural flavourings and high oleic sunflower oil.

The new flavour has been in the works for the past two years after National Wholesale Account Manager Mel Hack joined in 2019.

George Taylor & James Taylor - Food and Drink News Scotland
(R) James Taylor, Managing Director at Mackie’s at Taypack, runs the family-owned business alongside his father, (L) Chairman George Taylor. It employs a team of 50 staff

Ms Hack was confident Pickled Onion would be a “great flavour” and resulted in two years of taste testing to create a flavour which the brand describes as “a strong, salty and sour flavour that perfectly complemented the thick cut texture of Mackie’s Crisps.”

Ms Hack said: “I couldn’t be more excited to see Pickled Onion join the Mackie’s line up. It’s a classic crisp that’s particularly loved by Scottish taste buds, and when you combine that with one of the most loved snack brands in Scotland, you’ve got a winning combination.

“The new flavour certainly packs a punch and delivers on flavour in a way only we know how to. I’m really looking forward to seeing them hit the shelves and our consumers trying them – but a word of warning, they’re highly addictive!”

Mackie’s Crisps hopes to confirm all the stockists in the coming days. Following strong interest, the flavour will be readily available throughout Scotland.

Shelley Reid, Brand Manager at Mackie’s at Taypack said: “As well as coming up with new and innovative flavours, it’s important that we master the traditional concepts and include the classic, cult favourites as well.

“Pickled onion is that nostalgic flavour we all loved as kids, so we’ve worked especially hard to do it justice and put our own Mackie’s twist on it to make it stand out. It has a moreish salty and sour zing I think our customers will love. “

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