“I’ve seen more filling in my dental practice” – Morrisons shoppers slam “empty” doughnuts


MORRISONS customers have been left fuming after buying their new Terry’s Chocolate Orange style doughnuts and finding out they have barely any filling.

The brand new Chocolate and Orange doughnuts were launched last week by the supermarket – however many shoppers have been left unimpressed.

Several customers have hit out at the retailer on social media after discovering their sweet treat had little to no filling at all.

Disappointed shopper Callum Reed shared images of an entire pack of empty filling-less doughnuts on Twitter yesterday.

Enraged shoppers share pics of hollow doughnuts - Consumer News
Callum Reed/Deadline News

The 23-year-old’s pictures show how the first doughnut he opened only had a tiny five-pence sized dollop of chocolate inside.

Callum, from Exeter in Devon, then uploaded images of the rest of the 50p box of doughnuts showing that every single one of them lacked any filling.

He captioned his post: “Got excited about chocolate orange doughnuts but Morrison’s didn’t even fill them.

“Made a special trip and everything.”

Another fuming customer Michael Howell also ran into a similar experience at his local store in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, yesterday.

The 28-year-old tweeted an image of a sad looking doughnut, that again lacks any form of decoration in the middle of it.

Michael captioned his post: “Can you please do some refresher training in your Preston Grange/Tynemouth store on filling the doughnuts all five ‘chocolate orange’ like this.”

Enraged shoppers share pics of hollow doughnuts - Consumer News
Michael Howell/Deadline News

Again, all the doughnuts in his packet were left unfilled by Morrisons staff.

Morrisons describe the doughnuts as being: “Made from scratch by Morrisons bakers in-store every day.

“Each doughnut is hand-filled with rich chocolate orange filling and finished with a dusting of icing sugar.”

However, this does not seem to be the case due to the lack of filling and the number of customers who are shocked by their findings.

Enraged shoppers share pics of hollow doughnuts - Consumer News
Morrisons picture of the doughnut shows it packed with filling.

Other Twitter users took to social media and slammed the new doughnuts.

@RachelEAyers said: “Been looking forward to my Chocolate & Orange Doughnuts but was very disappointed with the lack of chocolate!

“I’ve seen more filling in my dental practice.”

@chrisvernon81 posted: “You’d think with your new chocolate orange doughnuts you’d put a bit more filling in, basically a yum yum.

“If I wanted a yum yum I would have bought them.”

@bobs_1 commented: “Glad I went to two Morrisons to find and try the chocolate orange donuts.

“I had to get my magnifying glass to find the filling! Absolutely shocking.”