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5 Very Simple Ways to Save Money on Amazon


One of the companies that managed to grow during the pandemic and to work harder than they already did is certainly Amazon. During 2020, it was impossible for many people around the world to get access to non-essential goods, because almost every shop was closed due to Covid-19. Therefore, the only option to make some shopping was to look online. The Amazon website was particularly successful due to its fame and popularity gained in previous years. We all know Amazon as a reliable site, and it is very often one of the first web pages we visit when we want to shop online. Shopping on the Internet is a great way of comparing the deals on offers from billions of shops around the world, while always remaining at home, and should there be any problems with the product purchased, it is also possible to ask for a refund.

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A further advantage of online shopping is that customers can take advantage of a series of discounts and promotions that they would not find in ordinary shops. Moreover, there are a number of quick and easy steps you can follow in order to save money on your online purchases. In this article, in particular, you’ll find some small tricks that will help you saving a lot of money on your Amazon purchases.


If you are not yet a customer of Amazon Prime, it is probably because you have never really discovered its many benefits. One of the advantages of having a Prime membership is that you can access and enjoy special offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are two specific days when the prices of the items on sale on the Amazon website drop considerably. So, in addition to the discounts that everyone can find on the website during these days, there are a whole range of other promotions dedicated to subscribers.

Moreover, in June Amazon organises the well-known “Amazon Prime Day”, which consists of 48 hours in which Amazon Prime customers have access to incredible offers.

So if you want to stock up on new books, get a new wardrobe or buy some birthday presents for your friends, you should definitely try to be free on those days.


If you are particularly interested in an item but think the price is too high or you are planning to buy it in the future, add it to your shopping cart! Once you have inserted your product, you will be able to receive e-mails notifying you of possible price changes. So, you simply need to keep an eye on your inbox to be able to buy your item when the price is lowest. The prices of items you find online are constantly changing, so this could be a great way to monitor them and save some money on your purchases. In other words, start scrolling through your Amazon wish list and put your items in your basket, just as if you were going to buy them, but then you have the possibility to leave your order on standby and check on it.


One of the easiest ways to save money, but also one of the most underrated, is to use coupons. Amazon offers a large number of coupons to its customers and it is very easy to find them. However, Amazon discounts can only be used if you are registered. So, in order to be able to apply your discount to your purchases, you have to log in to your personal account and then proceed to insert the code. Also, if you are a customer and you want to be able to take advantage of these reductions, you have to pay attention to the category of product for which you want to apply them. Amazon coupons are very specific and can only be valid for certain goods. Therefore, you should first identify the type of item you are interested in and only then you can try to find the most suitable coupons for your product.


If you are still not convinced of the advantages of buying your products online, this will certainly change your mind. When you’re planning to go shopping and don’t want to spend too much money, you can visit Amazon’s dedicated deals section: Amazon Outlet! That’s right, this is a section where you can find lots of offers on many products 365 days a year. This area is very well organised and you can easily choose what you are interested in from the many product classes on offer. By regularly checking the offers in each category, you will be able to find lots of interesting products that you might find useful. So before you search for your products on Amazon’s main page, check out the Amazon Outlet page.


Whenever a product is returned to amazon or is not correctly sent, it remains in the ‘Amazon Warehouse’. In fact, there is a dedicated section on Amazon’s official website where all the products that the company has not been able to sell are displayed. This basically means: goods with damaged packaging, small imperfections or second-hand products. Here, if you have the time and interest to look, you can find a huge range of products at very low prices.