New Edinburgh business to launch “subscription pizza”


New Portobello based business with three “mystery entrepreneurs” are planning to launch the “World’s First Pizza Subscription Service” 

The business entrepreneurs all boasting years of experience in the Edinburgh hospitality scene are launching the first pizza subscription service in a new bar set to open on Portobello Promenade. 

The Boathouse bar is set to open on April 26 and for £25 a month, punters can receive a pizza a day. 

The Black Oven trio, behind the new business plan prefer to remain anonymous for now, describe themselves as “a 90s kid, an 80s entrepreneur and a 70s punk”. 

They have said: “ while they have “over 22-years’ experience in Edinburgh’s pizzeria and delivery industry”, they have decided to take everything learned so far and “tear it up”, preferring instead to rebuild their pizza recipe from the ground up.

“The youngest of the three said, “While researching we travelled to the rolling foothills of Naples and traced the origins of the Pizza Margherita, all the way down to the variety of San Marzano tomatoes grown in the Sarno River valley. It’s allowed us to learn from the very best and bring that knowledge back to Scotland with us, all the way from the cultural home of pizza”.

The business is set to open in the popular Edinburgh seaside when covid-19 restrictions ease allowing hospitality to open for the first time in three months on April 26.