Sunday, December 3, 2023
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“Amazon Crime” – Cops pull over speeding Amazon driver who had no licence

POLICE have seized the vehicle of a speeding Amazon driver – who was later found to have no licence and insurance. 

Cops tailed the speedy courier yesterday after spotting the white van travelling at 80mph on the A46 near Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. 

The driver had caught their attention due to the high speed, with the class of vehicle being limited to 60mph on the road. 

Amazon Prime Driver Busted | Crime News UK
The Police pulled the van over before finding the driver had no licence.

After stopping the driver, cops from Warwickshire Police then discovered that the male driver had no idea of speed restrictions due to only holding a provisional licence. 

Pictures taken by police show the white Citroen van on the back of a recovery van outside a petrol station. 

Warwickshire Police shared images of the white van being seized yesterday onto their social media, writing: “We followed this van on the A46 near Stoneleigh at 80mph (class of vehicle limited to 60mph). 

“When we stopped to speak to the Amazon delivery driver the reason he didn’t know his Highway Code speed restrictions was that he’d not passed his test and was the holder of a Provisional licence and therefore uninsured. 

Amazon Prime Driver Busted | Crime News UK
The illegal courier’s van was taken into Police custody.

“Vehicle seized, driver reported. 

“Don’t worry folks the parcels have been moved onto another, legal, delivery van.”

Since police shared images of the driver, social media users have been outraged by the Amazon driver. 

Jane Smith said: “Shocking that Amazon don’t ensure those who work for them aren’t safe to drive.”

John Hale commented: “Hope that Amazon are done as well for employing a driver without the proper checks to see if they are ok to drive.”

Sean Jones posted: “Well done Amazon for doing the relative checks can I please have a job I have no licence and don’t know how to drive. 

“Thank you when can I start.”

Stephen Roberts also said: “Next day delivery with Amazon ‘Crime’.”

An Amazon spokeswoman today said: “We expect all of our delivery service providers to have appropriate checks in place to ensure their drivers comply with all road laws.

“We are investigating this matter with our delivery service provider.”

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