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EntertainmentCharity shop tries to flog second hand X-rated "Penis Pokey" book

Charity shop tries to flog second hand X-rated “Penis Pokey” book

CHARITY store shoppers have been left in hysterics after a second hand book which requires the use of a penis was spotted in a shop window. 

Lottie Smith spotted the X-rated book titled Penis Pokey in Headingley, a suburb of Leeds, in West Yorkshire on Monday.

The 20-year-old was shocked to find the second hand interactive adult book in the Oxfam shop window due to the explicit nature of the hardback. 

Penis Pokey | Entertainment News UK
The Penis Pokey book displayed front and center of the Oxfam charity shop window.

The book can be seen taking centre stage of the shop window, displaying the words Penis Pokey in large white capital letters behind a red ribbon. 

Below the title of the book is a pair of white underwear with a hollow hole located in the centre.

Student midwife Lottie, who walks past the book almost every day, later posted her disturbing discovery to Facebook, writing: “An eye catching read. 

“Can’t wait to use this one second hand…”

Facebook users joked about how the bizarre book was being punted by the charity store second hand.

Lottie Smith and Patrick Mobbs | Entertainment News UK
Lottie and boyfriend Patrick who found the adult book.

One user posted: “Is it a pop up book?”

Whilst another wrote: “Those touch and learn books haven’t half changed. It was all fuzzy ducks back in my day!”

One joker said: “How to get banned from the library…”

Another user replied: “I’ve read that. Was actually pretty boring but I stuck it out.”

While another commented: “I want to play but I don’t have the parts.”

Speaking today Lottie said: “I was walking to the shop with my boyfriend. 

“We spotted it and just laughed.

“I’ve been shopping in charity shops for years and it was funny that I wasn’t even looking or in a shop when I found the book.

Penis Pokey | Entertainment News UK
The back cover of the Penis Pokey book as seen on Amazon.

“When we got home we googled it to find out more and how much it sold for.

“I don’t think anyone would want it second hand, I certainly wouldn’t.

“It’s still pride of place now.”

When phoning the Oxfam store today to ask about the book placement, a shop worker claimed she was unaware of the book.

She could be heard laughing when going over to the display and discovering the Penis Pokey book for herself.

Penis Pokey | Entertainment News UK
One of the pages of the adult book advertised on Amazon.

The shopkeeper said: “I think it has been put there as a joke.”

The Penis Pokey book, which is also available to buy “used” on Amazon for just £6.17, has “one thing missing” from every page, allowing the reader to “complete the picture”.

The book includes scenes such as a monkey holding a banana, a fireman holding a hose and a naked cartoon body builder. 

Also speaking today, the deputy manager for the Oxfam store said: “It is a donated book and we display things in the window which are interesting, funny or topical.

“We had one of these books before and sold it.

“So we thought, this is funny. Let’s pop it in the window.”

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