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HGTV recruiting lorry Drivers for Royal Mail through Manpower


The demand for Class 1 and Class 2 HGV drivers has increased over the years in the United Kingdom. This is due to the increase in different services across the country that requires HGV drivers. This is one of the reasons that the national HGV trainer provider is looking for drivers when it comes to the Royal Mail. This is being done through its recruitment partners.

Anyone interested in becoming an HGV driver can take classes from HGVT Driver Academy to fill out the seats available at the Royal Mail across different areas of the country. These include areas such as London, Shrewsbury, as well as Inverness. HGTV Driver academy is one of the best ways to train yourself for such jobs and become an expert at them. Moreover, the best part is that after training the drivers, the HGV training centre finds jobs for them in order to start a living.

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HGVT Driver Academy – The Best at What They Do

HGVT offers exceptional training to drivers. It makes sure to tell them all about how things are done and trains them for different instances that they may come across. They make sure that they provide the best HGV and CPC driver training through its 60 plus driver training centers all over the United Kingdom. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, once the training is completed, the center also makes sure to find the right job for each and every driver.

The trainers at the Academy believe that their students see the Academy as a unique selling point. They make sure to work with the manpower and recruit delivery operators like Royal Mail. This allows them to make sure their students are able to find their dream job after some in-depth training. The Academy also says that they are constantly under pressure to find new drivers. This is due to the increase in online deliveries and an excellent opportunity for people looking for a well-paid and successful career.

Moreover, the company also provides assistance when it comes to the drivers’ CV and prepares their students for their interviews as well. The company really wants the best for its students.

What Do They Teach?

The HGV courses’ go into as much depth as necessary to equip drivers with the skill set needed for tasks. Skills such as clutch control, braking, gear shifting, cornering, and steering are some of the essential skills you will be taught. They also teach you how to implement these skills in various situations, such as different climates and weather conditions. The skills that a person should have to become a professional driver are concentration, navigation, customer service as well as detail-oriented. All these qualities on their resume will make the candidates strong and help them achieve a better job.

A Unique Academy

Now, we all know that there are loads of training programmers offered in the UK regarding HGV training. However, they are not as great as HGVT’s Driver Academy. This is due to the fact they the Academy is quite different from others out there. The students are given guidance in all aspects of their journey to becoming a successful driver. Moreover, the Academy focuses on providing individual attention to each and every student so that they are able to build their very own successful career.

Wrapping It Up

There is a massive shortage of drivers in the United Kingdom, and the problem doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. This is where HGVT Drivers Academy plays a role, and anyone interested in the job can get their training done from them.