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Types and Tips of Rugby betting


If you are a fan of hard sports, you love rugby. Naturally, you will have to figure out the basics of the game, thoroughly study the rules of various competitions (there are a lot of them in professional rugby: the World Cup, the Six Nations Cup, the European Cup, the Heineken Cup, as well as many smaller tournaments), to delve into the very essence of the game and what happens on the field. In general, for successful rugby betting, you will have to do some serious preparatory work. But, if you do it with an eye on further bets at expert bookmakers such as, then you can get a good income in the future.

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Types of bets

In terms of bets types, rugby is no different from other sports. In the bookmaker’s line you can see traditional offers:

  • Outcome betting.
  • Handicap / Handicap Betting.
  • Total bets.
  • Special bets.

Given that different tournaments in rugby have different rules, some may involve a draw. However, we do not recommend betting on this outcome, since the probability of a draw result is extremely negligible, it can be compared with the probability of a draw result in a boxing match.

Outcome betting

Bettors are asked to predict the winner of the match. In rugby, odds per match winner can vary. This sport has its favourites, making bets on which lets you avoid mistakes in most situations. These are the national teams of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Wales. If the line offers victories of these teams, albeit for a small coefficient, then you can place bets on them, and they can also be combined into express bets.

Of course, in rugby, as in any other sport, there are sensations. However, it rarely happens that the clear favourite loses the match. By the way, depending on the rules of the tournament, some bookmakers may take into account the results of extra time, and some may not. Therefore, before starting to place bets on the outcomes in one or another bookmaker’s office, it is important to read the paragraph of the rules for accepting and calculating bets related specifically to rugby.

Handicap / Handicap Betting

Above we talked about the fact that in rugby, as in any other sport, there are clear favourites. Naturally, not all bettors enjoy betting on small odds, which is why the concept of a handicap was introduced. Depending on the class of teams, bookmakers offer handicap bets. The calculation is based on the difference between the points scored in the match.

The most unpredictable factor is the weather. Rain, strong wind, slush, all this complicates movement on the field and reduces the number of accurate passes, so there are more clashes on the field, the effectiveness of the teams suffers from this, but not the entertainment of the confrontation, especially if there are equal teams.

Total bets

Rugby total is the total number of points scored by two teams throughout the match. By the way, bookmakers do not offer total points for some matches or tournaments. This is because teams are so unpredictable that they can demonstrate any result. Just like in handicap betting, related factors are important for total, especially weather conditions. Therefore, you should always have an up-to-date weather forecast on hand.

Special bets

These types of rates include everything that was not included in the previous paragraphs. Note that bookmakers can make such offers only for major tournaments, and even then at their important stages as semi-finals or finals. Such proposals include: choosing the best player in the tournament, choosing the winning team of the tournament, comparing teams (who is higher at the end of the season or tournament), etc. In general, you always need to look closely at such rates, it will not take much time, but luck can come unexpectedly, and you can significantly increase the game bank.