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Woman Became a Manager After Losing Weight with Gastric Sleeve


43-year-old Marianne Hodge has become the manager of the cosmetic company after
almost being fired due to her low performance; Hodge’s weight loss with gastric sleeve
changed her life.

Marianne Hodge had been experiencing obesity since very early ages and she thinks
this started because of the teenager crisis she went through: “There is nobody in my
family suffering from severe obesity; it was only me. And I think the reason was the
depression I had been through in my teenage years; I was not alone, too. I have gained
most of my excess weight back then and I could not manage to lose them again.”
Hodge was working in operational department of a big cosmetic company. Although she
experienced no problem with her performance related to her obesity at first, as the time
goes by she was getting more easily tired, feeling the need to take sick days off, and
taking breaks very often: “I loved my job and I never intended to skip my duties; but I
was not feeling good at all. My coffee breaks were passing by trying to regularize my
breath and gather up my energy. They have warned me couple of times; eventually
people were secretly talking about the possibility of me getting fired soon.”
Obesity is a serious medical condition resulting with many other significant

Marianne Hodge was diagnosed with diabetes; other than that, she was suffering from
serious breathing problems: “I knew this was all related to my weight, however after a
certain point my regular daily life has become too hard that let alone exercising, I was
barely able to go to work.”
Finally, Hodge discovered the popular and effective gastric sleeve operations in
Turkey: “I have heard about gastric sleeve operation before but I was not able to afford
it, prices were so expensive. But then later, I discovered that weight loss clinics in
Turkey are offering very good prices for gastric sleeves; rates were almost one tenth of
the treatment prices in UK. I was hesitant about the safety and results naturally;
however, a friend of mine showed me the website of the weight loss clinic in Turkey that
her husband had a gastric sleeve with and I made an inquiry.”
Gastric sleeve in Turkey: Popular, effective and cheap

Turkey has become one of the most popular countries famous for the successful
bariatric surgery and very advantageous prices; while the gastric sleeve surgery is
offered in high rates in many countries, the number of treatment seekers travelling to
Turkey for this effective weight loss procedure is increasing day by day.
Marianne Hodge has made an inquiry to Mono Obesity Surgery clinic in Turkey and tells
about her decision process: “I was immediately contacted by one of the medical
consultants; she and the bariatric surgeon of the clinic have assessed my condition in
the light of the medical information I have shared with them. Finally, I was found suitable

for gastric sleeve. I was surprised when I saw how their online consultation system
works smoothly and effectively; this is a big flex for international patients. They have
informed me about all the details; they have arranged my accommodation, transfers and
everything.” Patients representative of Mono Obesity Surgery tells about the increasing popularity of
gastric sleeve in Turkey: “The operation allows patients to lose a great amount of
weight within a short period and this happens in the healthiest way. We provide our
patients with nutritional support after the operation and keep in touch with them to track
their progress. We believe, Turkey offers a very good opportunity for those who cannot
afford this operation in their own country.”
After losing 60 kg within a year after gastric bypass, Marianne Hodge’s work
performance has increased significantly and she got promoted to operational manager