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Business Presentations: 6 Multimedia Types to Include


Do you want your business presentations to become successful and keep your viewers and prospects engaged?

One of the best strategies that you can do is to use the different types of multimedia. Multimedia can bring variety to your presentations. It will also help visual learners to understand your content better.

In today’s post, we will enumerate the best types of multimedia that you can include in your business presentations.

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Types of Multimedia That You Can Include in Your Business Presentations

  1. Videos

Without a doubt, a video can bring life to presentations. It is great for getting the attention of viewers and can be utilized in various ways like showing prospects how your products and services work.

On the other hand, if you want to share your brand story that can achieve an emotional impact, you should also include videos in your business presentations. Moreover, it can be used to introduce the owner of the business.

However, when you are making videos, it is best that you invest in the best vlog editing software. But, if you’re having a hard time choosing as there are lots of options to choose from, consider using Movavi.

  1. Text

When it comes to sharing information, the text is still one of the most powerful and best ways to use it even though it’s quite slow to process compared to images, infographics, and videos. A small amount of text will go a long way in business presentations since you do not want your prospects to wade over walls of text in order to understand what you offer.

Nevertheless, using bullet points may help prospects to understand your presentation’s core message.

  1. GIF

A GIF is a short video clip that can be repeated. Typically, this clop has everything from cartoon animations to drawings and videos. If you want to demonstrate how your product or service works quickly, consider using this kind of multimedia.  Also, you can use GIF especially if you want to add some personality or humor to your business presentation.

  1. 360-degree Photographs

A 360-degree photograph is actually a new form of tech that works well in different kinds of presentations like a business presentation. With this type of multimedia, uses will be able to click on the photo and move it around. As a result, they can see a complete 360-degree view which is important if you’re selling a product.  

  1. Illustrations

If the product you are presenting has a complex design, an illustration can be of great help. The majority of prospects find it easier to understand illustrations rather than listening to complicated descriptions or reading texts.

  1. Audio

Adding audio to your business presentation can vividly change the way that it will impact the viewer. Audio helps by energizing prospects, making viewers more engaged and alert, and eliciting emotion.


By including the above-mentioned multimedia in your upcoming business presentations, we can assure you that you will be able to attract more prospects that can help in growing your business.