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RDA Concrete cutting services  


Concrete cutting is a method of removing concrete. A whole process is followed to saw, drill, and remove the concrete. Concrete cutting is performed only by skilled professionals. Special equipment is used to remove concrete. RDA Concrete cutting services offers professional service in this field. They are the leading company in this industry.

What is concrete cutting?

It is a complete process that involves sawing, drilling to remove concrete. These professionals use special equipment to remove and cut concrete.

Highly skilled individuals only perform this process as it needs to be done with complete accuracy and precision.

There is no room for mistakes in concrete cutting. Initially, this was done by using hammers.

They would use these hammers to break the concrete. The problem with this method was that it required excessive physical strength and effort.

Also, the entire process was dusty and inconvenient. Today, we have fully equipped machinery for this process. This has allowed concrete cutting to be done efficiently and easily.

A person using a saw to cut a board
Photo by George Pastushok on Unsplash

What are the various methods in concrete cutting?

There are different methods of concrete cutting. Each process and method has its advantages and disadvantages. The final result of these methods also varies. Here are some of the popular cutting methods practised:

  • Concrete wall sawing- This process uses a special kind of blade. Circular blades are used for this method. The blade is put on a track-mounted machine. This method is commonly used to saw or cut walls or ceilings. It removes concrete from such places. The diamond sawing-This method is used to obtain precise and accurate results. This equipment is one of the most efficient machines. They are a lot more convenient as they don’t cause any noise disturbance. This method is currently in great demand.
  • Wire sawing- In commercial situations, this method is used. This is sort of the last measure for contractors. When no other method is feasible, they turn to wire sawing. This is usually for larger cutting purposes. This method is only operated by professionals who are trained to use the equipment.
  • Core drilling- If you wish to create openings for wires and pipes, this method is beneficial. As the name suggests, the process involves drilling to create perfect circular vents.
  • These are the most common methods in concrete cutting. Some other tools and methods are mentioned apart from these. Though it may sound easy to operate a cutting machine, it is not true. It can be extremely dangerous for those who are not trained to operate these pieces of equipment. It is advised that you call for professional help in such situations.

What is the process followed in concrete cutting?

It is always helpful if you are kept in check of the processes that you pay for. There will be differences in the method followed. But the basic process of it remains the same. Here are the steps that are usually followed:

  1.   Mark the area of concrete that requires to be cut.
  2. Use your equipment and cut about 4 inches or as required.
  3.  Make sure you use the correct equipment for the process.

RDA Concrete cutting services

RDA Concrete cutting is one of the leading and most trusted names for concrete cutting across South-East Queensland. We perform and offer a range of services. From construction to renovation, we do it all. Those who require specialized concrete cutting services can reach out to our company and avail the best of the services. Our projects include electrical and plumbing work to even making openings in doors and windows. These projects seem safe and easy and are often undertaken by unskilled individuals. This results in a great number of accidents. To avoid such mishaps, we offer professionals who are trained and skilled.

What we have to offer

Here is a wide list of services that our company has to offer to our clients. We have mastered the skill and have continued to prove that we are the best the industry has seen.


Here are the services we offer:

  • Hand Sawing – It is a quick and cost-effective method. It is usually performed to cut into walls that are 150mm thick. It is also implemented to cut floors in areas where there is less space and movement is restricted. It is the perfect option when you need to get work done fast, as this method isn’t very tedious. Setting up of equipment is also done fast.
  • Wall sawing- this method is an excellent way to create vents for windows or ceilings. These saw our controlled by a remote. They can cut almost 700mm deep. With wall sawing, you can create openings on doors and walls easily.
  • Core drilling- Core drilling is mostly done to create circular openings. To fit wires, pipes, or other cylindrical equipment, core drilling is used. This method is extremely convenient as it doesn’t create a lot of disturbance.
  • Road and floor cutting-For concrete pads, roads, or other flat surfaces; this method is efficient. It is used widely as it is cost-effective and time-saving.
  • Control joint cutting- In this method, you make a weak point on the slab, on purpose. This allows you to determine where cracks appear. This helps you obtain control and take appropriate measures.

Along with this, we also provide concrete scanning and ring sawing.

Why choose us?

Our services are performed efficiently and effectively. Our reliability and flexibility ensure that we offer the best experience to our customers. Safety is our priority, and we ensure that we prevent such accidents from occurring at sites. Our professionals are also trained to handle such mishaps with extreme ease. We hire only trained experts; hence they are extremely flexible with the customers’ demands and will adjust and work according to the requirements they are presented with.

We only use top-class machines equipped with the best quality diamond awing blades. This allows us to deliver cuts with high accuracy. We have had more than 22 years of experience and have consistently named the industry the most trusted concrete cutting company.

We have a wide range of services that we offer. Our experience and dedication to our clients have helped us emerge as the leading company in the industrial field. Equipped with the best of machinery and skilled professionals, our company offers to you what no other company can

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