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Taking Online Quran Classes is as Beneficial as Learning At Home

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Learning Quran and its recitation are essential for everyone. Still, in this fast going quotidian life of the world, people have become less interested in Islamic teaching and do no heed practices of the Quran.

People don’t give time to Quran on a regular basis, and the kids are told to recite forcefully. Wouldn’t it be great seeing kids learn Quran passionately?

Just like in their studies, they are motivated and encouraged to do better every day; why not in Quran and Sunnah?

People send their kids to mosques and madrasah, but due to the good strength of students, not every student is being taught properly.

A person reading the holy Quran in a low light room.
Photo by Masjid Pogung Dalangan on Unsplash

Since every student is different and requires more attention and time so here online activities work best to guide each student individually.

Learning the Quran is simple if you are passionate; you just have to be careful while reciting or learning.

Make sure your kids show more interest while learning any skill; their interest is important over anything. Have you ever thought of attending virtual Quran sessions?

You had not ever imagined that learning Quran and having Quran classes online can be fruitful enough.

There are many sites that provide online Quran classes, but you have to be choosy before registration. In this article, we will talk about the most recommended platform as an online Quran academy for online Quran classes.

Just read on to know why you should visit and become a part of our institute.

Our Background

Our platform is designed to teach kids Quran online. It’s an online Quran academy that has been offering kids Quran knowledge and making them recite the Arabic language properly since 2009.

Its means our institute is 10+ years old now. Our academy has been trusted by 1000+ parents worldwide; we have been doing our best and forming qualified Quran learners since 2009.

Moreover, our online Quran tutors make kids learn Quran with Tajweed. We have brought the best online Quran courses to make kids more willing and interested. We provide all classes on Skype globally. Usually, those families who live in non-Muslim countries like the UK and the US have difficulty sending their kids for the best Quran education since there are fewer Islamic institutes.

Our online Quran academy is helping people around the world to give the best Quran education to their kids.

For this purpose, we have a team of experienced and professional tutors that guide in all possible ways and make student’s journeys great.

Under the supervision of our talented and skilled teachers, kids stay motivated throughout their course. We have been providing a stimulating learning environment for Quran learners for years and aiming to make it better in the future.

Our Mission

Our platform aims to provide all Quran learning facilities by which kids can take the maximum benefits. We try to stimulate and develop interest and dedication in kids through our learning Quranic content.

Our mission is to reach across the globe and make students avail online Quran classes. What could be better than this?

Our classes will even be beneficial for all kids, and the team will look after your kids’ learning progress. The reason for conducting online Quran classes is to give more time to Quran. Although Qaari comes to home for Quran learning and recitation, they don’t give much time to kids. Giving proper time and attention to kids is the main goal of our online Quran academy. We want people to learn Quran online from the comfort of the home, assisted by the internet and a phone or a computer. Moreover, our courses and programs facilitate learning for all kinds of students.

What motivated us to start this website?

Quran’s guidance is necessary to lighten up the path in our lives. We have to ponder and reflect upon Quran’s teaching and principles. This book was revealed for our guidance and to allow us to follow the right path. But now, where are we heading? What are we doing with ourselves?

Every day brings a chance for us to follow the right track, which is based on Quran and Islam.

To motivate ourselves and our Muslim brothers and sisters, we took this initiative to provide Quran’s knowledge globally, so no Muslims residing in UK, USA, or any other non-Muslim country remain left.

The daily virtual sessions that people are taking properly with focused attention at their homes regarding their extracurricular programs, skills, and offices motivated us to provide Quran classes online.

We thought why Islamic knowledge left uncovered and unrevealed?

In this modern world, we have innovations and technologies that can make our work easy. Our goal was to call kids towards Quran.

We were motivated by the learning activities kids are involved in at their schools. Why can’t kids take Quran classes online? We had an aim to highlight the Quran’s importance and why should its learning and recitation become our habit.

We all run after our grades and performances to be better students or employees, why don’t we seek for Quran’s knowledge? We don’t say that we don’t offer a prayer or we don’t heed to Quran, but the way we are serious about our academic records, social and personal developments is not as same as our attention towards Quran.

The motivation arose when we thought about the Day of Judgment. Therefore, we imitated to work on a platform that will be beneficial for the kids.

Since kids and Youngers are our future generation and their relation with Islam and Quran must be strong.

They must know how to read, recite and pronounce the Arabic language. To all my readers, don’t take this time for granted, as these days are given to become a better Muslim and a better Quran learner.

Our Services

Our platform is a complete book of Quran learning and its knowledge. We ensure to provide maximum services through our online Skype classes.

We understand the problems that kids face while learning Quran. Moreover, we try to stay active 24/7 to look after the queries and concerns of our visitors. You can talk us through our chatbox that occurs just after clicking our page website.

What are our services? We offer quality Quran education online. We have courses for beginners, Youngers, and kids that are on the intermediate level.

Our services include Quran reading, recitation with Tajweed, Quran memorization, and Tafseer. Along with that, we offer online classes for separate Tajweed and Tarteel courses. Moreover, we have an aim to spread basic Islamic education.

Besides all these beneficial activities, our services could help you to learn daily supplications. Kids must learn daily supplications that are small Duas, and these supplications can increase learning ability and improve memorization.

What do We Offer?

The good news is ready to be revealed. Our academy has been providing Quran classes with Tajweed along with different informative courses.

We have categorized our courses to make learners understand the difference. Firstly, people need to see the Quran learning level of their kid, then go for the enrollment process. ensures to provide all courses in sequences from basic sessions to Quran memorization and Quran translation. It will be a long and beautiful journey to be qualified in Quran education. Let’s have a look at our courses and what else our academy is providing you;

  • Basic Courses

In this category, you will learn the basic Quran courses. It’s obviously designed for beginner-level students; if your kid is too small or needs to learn from the beginning level, you need to get your kid enrolled in this course.

Kids who have desired to understand more about Islam and learn about the Quran are welcomed to this course. Whether you have no knowledge and information of Arabic letters or your basics are not clear, so this course will be perfect for you.

The Basic courses include;

  • Learning Arabic alphabet
  • Recognizing Arabic letters
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Whiteboard sessions

Through availing this course, your kid can recognize the Arabic letters and understand their sequences after learning.

Furthermore, this phase needs to be done properly since the basics must be strong.

If your kid performs well in this course, he’s ready for the next level. Just make sure your kid takes a proper online class that is conducted on Skype. After this session, the kid will be able to recognize, learn and speak with the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters.

  • Basic Quran Education

This category is designed to provide basics Islamic education in which you will learn basic things that every Muslim needs to know.

Your kids and young children will be passionate to learn about the following things;

  • Short Surahs memorization
  • Learning how to pray Salaah
  • Memorization of daily Duas
  • Learning Islamic principles

The above things are necessary besides the Quran learning and recitation. Every kid must be taught the praying Salah methods, dos, and don’ts while offering a prayer.

The daily supplications are also mandatory to be learned from childhood; these Duas allow our kids to stay in touch with Quran and Islam.

  • Tajweed and Tarteel

This course can be fruitful for those who have prior knowledge about Quran alphabets and their pronunciation.

Those who have a reasonable grasp of reading Arabic alphabets and language can be successful in learning this course.

Tajweed rules include pronunciation, more importantly. Therefore pronouncing the letters with complete understanding can help you learn faster the course of Tajweed. This course includes;

  • Quran with Tajweed
  • Perfect Quran recitation
  • Quran memorization
  • Quran translation

By learning this course, you can be the master of the Quran of recitation and will be able to develop a deep understanding of Tajweed rules.

For Quran translation, you need recitation and reading of the Quran. Without knowledge of the Arabic language, you cannot develop skills in Quran translation.

At the same time, the Tarteel course allows the learners to be efficient in understanding Arabic alphabets. This course will help to beautify your tone and make it more rhythmic for recitation.

Furthermore, it’s the perfect recitation tool of the glorious Quran. So, what are you thinking now? Which course is best for your kid?

For concerns and queries, visit our website.

Trial Session

Do you have doubts regarding spending your money and time on our services? If you are not sure whether to choose us or not, we are here to look at your concerns. We are obliged to clear your doubts.

Therefore, we allow our learners and visitors to go for a trial session. Through our trial session, you have a chance to observe and check our teaching methods and online Quran classes.

We allow learners to take a one-week trial free session to ensure them about our offers and 100% quality services.

This trial session can build learner’s trust in us. Most importantly, one thing you all have to do is, register yourself for a trial session.

The forms will be available on our website; you can read the instruction and can proceed further.

Why is our Quran academy different from others?

Most academies are not professional and experienced in providing online education up-to the mark.

They lack important things such as well-written lectures, good voice quality or weak internet signals, an inactive consultant for queries, late replies, and a lot more.

We don’t say that every institute is doing the same, but in this hardest pandemic time, we observed the main online parameters are being lacked by educational platforms.

While our system has not been compromising for years on any parameter to provide quality education furthermore, we tried to enhance our services every year to gather more crowds around our platform. Why is our platform different?

Because it’s aiming to provide online Quran education, which is not a piece of cake.

Since we know Quranic ayahs, Arabic languages, and other Quran knowledge cannot be delivered easily, they need proper writing and understanding to be spread.

Our team has been working hard without missing any parameter, we don’t compromise on our education, we do not stop the education system, and we work harder to clear doubts and concerns.

Besides our efficient system, our team and professional teachers do the same. They are always ready to serve their knowledge, dealing with beginning and advanced level courses.

Moreover, our team ensures to spread quality education on time. We deal with people from every background around the globe; you don’t need to go anywhere and disrupt your life activities, just keep on learning at home with the easy and innovative methods provided by us.

Besides all these, our platform understands the preference of students regarding choosing a teacher. Most female students want to study under the supervision of a female teacher, so we allow female students to learn with them. We allow kids to choose their ideal time and learn according to their suitable schedule.

Who can avail our services?

You all don’t need to differentiate anyone to learn Quran and seek the knowledge of Islam. All those people who are willing to take online Quran classes can sit with their kids.

We learn a lot when we spend time with kids and see what they are doing and learning. Our online Quran academy allows kids and students from all age groups.

Kids under the age of 10 need more time and support for learning the activities. Therefore we have experienced teachers to handle your kids during an online session.

You children can learn Quran online with Tajweed at; we are available 24/7, fulfilling the requirements of our learners. Every kid and adult can avail of the opportunities that we are offering.

Online Quran Tutors

As we know, teachers and tutors have a significant and strong impact on all students. Besides improving the knowledge, the teacher fosters the student’s self-esteem. Teachers help the students to perform well and are associated with student learning skills and motivation.

Therefore, our Quran academy hired professional and skilled teachers to provide countless benefits to our kids. To understand the female student’s problems, we also have female teachers. Female students are more comfortable and feel easy with the female team.

Uthman bin Affan reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.

Your kids can learn Quran under the supervision of our expert Quran tutors who have all skills to teach online.

You have observed that not every tutor can accommodate proper teaching online.

To avoid the online teaching issues, we hired a perfect team of professional, skilled, incredible, and efficient teachers. Our online teaching tutors will make your Quran learning journey easy and exciting.

Moreover, they will motivate you on every step and never let your passion go down.

They have immense and great experience of teaching online; their teaching skills promise to every kid that they will get the best learning outcome.

Our tutors know the old and new teaching methods that allow people to register for our courses more. When teachers are best learning ability of student increases, and he looks forward to achieving more.

Enroll your child in our courses to get the best Quran education online. Don’t waste your time and get maximum benefits through our experienced teachers as they create a stimulating learning environment for the kids! Where are you reading now? Go and visit our page to get registrations.

Qualified Quran Learners

More than enough students have become good Quran learners after choosing our platform. Quran for kids has been recommended by many people for years. We are happy to say that, through our quality education, not a single student is left uneducated.

More or less, students learned according to their ability. Our aim is accomplished when we see remarkable results and outcomes.

These achievements lead us to enhance our services for people. Moreover, good reviews and recommendations always make our day. Although we have been doing best for your kids and Youngers, we still look forward to better ideas.

Our platform has made many students qualified and proficient in learning Quran online. They may help others to learn and practice Quran recitations.

Kids who came to us with no prior knowledge have a grasp of the Arabic language now. On the other hand, kids with some knowledge are reaching advanced levels. What else do you want for your kids?

Doesn’t it feel awesome to see your kids efficient in understanding the Arabic language? Along with Quran classes, we emphasized daily supplications.

Well, you are always welcome to contact us and become a part of our academy.

Our Location

Our services are offered globally with virtual sessions and online Quran teaching methods. As it is an online platform, you don’t need to visit us, but for your convenience, you can meet our team at our offices.

We have two offices, one is located in the USA, and the other is in the UK.

United States

  1. 2915 Belrose Avenue apartment 301,
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. PA 15216
  4. Country: United States
  5. Contact #: (518) 380 2231

United Kingdom

  1. 82 Balgraybank Street Glasgow
  2. Zipcode: G21 4xI
  3. City: Glasgow
  4. Country: United Kingdom
  5. Contact #: (752) 064 2677

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we must tell readers to get maximum advantages from our platform. We have discussed everything related to online academy from our background to aims and services. Are you still worried about your kid?

Pick up your phone and do visit our website. Your queries will be cleared through our active consultant. Furthermore, you can check out the blogs on our page to know more.

Our website is calling to all those who are willing to learn but can’t decide about registration due to their busy schedule.

We focused on the ideal timings, courses, and availability of professional teachers. You can choose your teacher by yourself and get yourself enrolled after queries being answered.

Your next action and thought must be about learning Quran online.

What are you waiting for? Fill up the form and become a better Quran learner and prove that online education is also fruitful when the services are incredible.

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