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Top 5 Vehicles that Would Benefit from a GPS Tracker


GPS trackers are becoming a common way to provide additional security for your vehicle, and it can increase your chance of recovering the vehicle if it was to be stolen. For both individuals and businesses, GPS trackers can be an invaluable addition to your security measures, and are often recommended by insurance providers and the authorities.

Trackershop takes a look at the top 5 vehicles that would benefit from having a GPS tracker installed, and what difference it could make.

A phone on a car dashboard

1. Cars

Unfortunately, thieves are finding new ways to get around even modern, factory-fitted security features on cars. With the increase of relay attacks, thieves can steal cars in seconds. Whether you are hoping to protect a personal car or a business vehicle, a GPS tracker for a car can make it more likely for your vehicle to be recovered.

In many cases, car trackers are recommended by insurance providers and by having one installed, you might save some money on your insurance premiums. 

2. Motorbikes

Motorbikes and scooters are notoriously easy for making off with, whether it’s on your driveway or parked up in the city centre. It’s important to take extra steps to protect your motorbike from potential thieves and be able to see its location at all times, giving you peace of mind.

GPS trackers for motorbikes can be fitted very discreetly so they are not obvious or noticeable, so you can take it out and park it up without too much worry.

3. Motorhomes or caravans

Motorhomes and caravans can often be left unattended for long periods of time. Together with being a high-value vehicle, this can leave you feeling uncertain about the safety of your holiday home on wheels. What’s more, when you take do it away, it can be left unattended for most of the day while you explore your destination.

Having a tracker fitted on your motorhome can leave you feeling more at peace, knowing you check it’s still parked up safely by using a smartphone app. Many trackers can be used globally, and have alerts if your vehicle has been taken out of a particular zone that you set.

4. Boats

Having a boat can be a real luxury and provide a holiday experience every time you climb aboard, but it’s not so fun worrying about having it stolen. GPS trackers for boats can help you safeguard the vessel, whether you’ve parked it for the day or it is miles away being stored. Trackers for boats can help you to protect a range of equipment, whether it’s a jet ski kept on board or the boat itself.

Monitor and track your vessel easily from anywhere in the world, with many boat trackers having a strong magnetic and waterproof casing for added protection.

5. Plant equipment

Plant equipment can be incredibly expensive and it is notoriously difficult to retrieve once it has been stolen. While you shouldn’t even have to think about machinery being taken, unfortunately it does happen. Having a tracker installed on your plant equipment can make a huge difference in recovering your machinery and reducing the consequences of losing valuable equipment within your business.

Many GPS tracker companies can also assist with installing the tracker, so it is done discreetly but to a professional level.