Cops pull over uninsured driver who was out “looking for the moon”


POLICE officers pulled over a driver in a routine stop to discover she had no car insurance – and was out “looking for the moon.”

Cops from Greater Manchester Police reported the female driver after pulling her over last night when they noticed the car wasn’t registered in Manchester

The driver of the red Volkswagen was then found to not have any valid insurance for the vehicle.

Uninsured driver "looking for the moon" | Crime News UK
GMP Trafford South posted a report of the incident to social media.

Bizarrely, she then apologised to police officers and gave the excuse that she was using the car so she could go out looking for the moon.

Images taken from the scene last night by police show the traffic offence report that the unknown driver filled out.

In response to their caution, the moon gazing driver said: “I’m really sorry, was trying to find the moon.”

Uninsured driver "looking for the moon" | Crime News UK
The uninsured driver filled out a traffic offence report at the scene.

Another image shows her red Volkswagen sitting at the side of the road while a GMP police vehicle sits behind the car. 

GMP Trafford South posted the images onto their social media last night, captioning the post: “Driver stopped for a routine check as vehicle not registered in Manchester.

“Driver stated she was out looking for the moon.

“Unfortunately for her she would of been better looking for an insurance policy.

“Driver reported.”

Uninsured driver "looking for the moon" | Crime News UK
Manchester Police pulled the uninsured vehicle to the side of the road after realising it wasn’t registered in Manchester.

The reason given by the driver has been slammed by social media users who find it both confusing and hilarious.
Dave Ludlam said: “Hope you swabbed her for drugs?…finding the moon.”
Lisa Davidson posted: “She could have saved herself petrol and a fine and just looked up in the sky, where the moon normally resides.”
Jon Brass commented: “With that explanation you should have done a drugs and alcohol test too.”