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New parking controls to be introduced across Edinburgh

NEW parking charges will be brought into force from Sunday the 11th of April following an announcement from The City of Edinburgh Council.

Sunday afternoon parking restriction will be implemented in the city centre as well as rolling out shared use parking bays across the city for permit holders and pay and display customers to use.

The council say that the charges will bring Edinburgh in line with other UK cities which already charge for Sunday parking such as Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

A picture of Edinburgh - Scottish News
(Photo by Peter Cordes on Unsplash) Changes to some parking restrictions will come into force in Edinburgh from Sunday, 11 April.

The council hopes the new restrictions will aid its efforts to make Edinburgh carbon neutral by 2030, by reducing congestion.

New controls, in place from 12.30pm to 6.30pm every Sunday, aim to help  manage the way people park, which can restrict traffic movement, impact on the ability to service shops and businesses and pose a safety risk to other road users.

Shared use parking, which is being introduced in Controlled Parking Zones one to eight, also aims to  increase accessibility to parking spaces for both residents and visitors, allowing for more flexibility.

The Council have said: “Sunday parking charges recognise the fact that, under normal circumstances, Edinburgh is now a seven-day city, with many shops, restaurants and visitor attractions open throughout the week.”

The new controls are being introduced as part of the Parking Action Plan, which was approved by Transport and Environment Committee in 2016.

The Council claim that controls will help people with mobility impairments, both those who rely on public transport and blue badge holders, who can be impacted by unrestricted parking leading to fewer available spaces.

Sunday parking restrictions will cover Controlled Parking Zones one to four, incorporating city centre streets like George Street, Castle Terrace and Chambers Street.

Shared use parking will also be implemented here, as well as zones five to eight, which includes areas of the city such as Stockbridge, New Town, Newington and Bruntsfield.

Councillor Karen Doran, Transport and Environment Vice Convener, said: “These updated controls are about improving conditions in the city centre, creating a safer environment and tackling inconsiderate parking, as well as providing greater flexibility for residents to park nearer their homes.

“Under normal circumstances, there is no doubt Edinburgh is a seven-day city, and we simply must address this as restrictions begin to be lifted and people return to the centre for shopping and socialising.

“We want to support businesses to recover from the COVID pandemic and greater parking controls on a Sunday will encourage customer turnover, allow more access for servicing and create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

“The Parking Action Plan was developed with the city’s residents in mind, and measures like shared use parking will provide greater flexibility and the opportunity to park closer to home for many permit-holders.

“Along with Sunday parking controls, these changes are central to our broader ambitions to manage demand and rethink the way people move around Edinburgh.”

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