“Aldi is inspired by Ann Summers” – Shoppers baffled by raunchy Easter eggs


ALDI shoppers have been shocked to discover that the retailer is selling raunchy Easter eggs – which some have mistakenly bought for children.

Hundreds of customers of the budget supermarket have been left in hysterics after realising that the £4.99 Lovers Duo Egg is actually meant for adults and their “lovers”.

The bizarre shaped “eggs” come in two parts for chocolate-lovers to enjoy and are a far cry from the traditional egg-shaped Easter treats most people are accustomed to.

Raunchy Easter Egg | Consumer News UK
The two-part Easter egg looks impressive whilst the pieces are still connected.

Aldi customers have pointed out that when split apart the shoe-horn shaped Duo Egg poses a striking resemblance to items that are usually found in Ann Summers or website, Love Honey.

And some customers have said they have been left mortified after giving the chocolaty treats to their children – without realising Aldi’s target audience.

One shocked customer wrote about the discovery in a supermarket Facebook group yesterday, writing: “If you’ve not bought Easter eggs yet, don’t buy these. 

“I got four at the bargain price of £4.99 (was 7.99) . 

“The kids had a rubbish weekend so I thought I’d cheer them up with an early egg. 

“They are absolutely yuck. My kids are chocoholics but wouldn’t eat them. 

“Not exactly egg like either when out of the box either.”

Raunchy Easter Egg | Consumer News UK
The peculiar Easter treat had a striking resemblance to one women’s sex toy.

Hundreds of members have commented on the group after being left in hysterics by the erotic shape of the Easter egg.

One user wrote: “ALDI is inspired by Ann Summers.”

Whilst another said: “Did ‘lovers duo’ not ring any alarm bells?”

One member commented: “Looks like something off of Love Honey.”

Another replied: “It literally says on the box ‘lovers duo’.

“Most definitely not meant for kids.”

Raunchy Easter Egg | Consumer News UK
The raunchy lovers Easter egg could be seen advertised on the ALDI website.

One user even created a comparison image highlighting the similarities between a bronze sex toy and the dark chocolate lover’s egg, writing: “The shape of it though. 

“I’m sure I’ve got something similar in my bedroom drawer. 

 “I’m sorry, but I just had to!”

The oddly shaped Easter egg can be found on ALDI’s online store listed as “Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg” for just £4.99. 

The supermarket also advertised the item as: “For the chocolate lovers amongst us, Aldi has the answer with their Moser Roth Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg (£7.99/330g). 

“Available in combinations of White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate, these artisanal eggs are perfect for those looking for something classic, but with a stylistic, premium touch.”