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Rat owner transforms rodent into fashionista with bespoke jumpers

A RAT OWNER has turned her rodent into a fashionista by making bespoke winter warmers using knitted can coolers.

Jamie Jarrell has created custom made sweaters for her beloved “fancy rat”, Snoot – by cutting holes in woolen Aldi cup coozies. 

The 39-year-old was racking her brains trying to think up new outfit ideas when she realised the Aldi holders would be a perfect fit.

Snoot the Rat | Entertainment News
Snoot the rat fashioning his cozy new St. Patrick’s Day sweater.

Hilarious images show two-year-old Snoot wrapped up in a green, black and white wooly jumper for St Patrick’s Day last month.

Looking bemused, Snoot was snapped modelling his stylish sweatshirt in front of a backdrop of two colourful drawings. 

Another image shows the stylist rodent held up in front of a lit up silver Christmas tree while wearing a festive jumper covered in green and red snowflakes. 

Jamie, who is based in Charleston, South Carolina, styled Snoot’s makeshift outfit with a tiny little red and white Santa hat with small silver bells attached.

Jamie, 39, posted about her Snoot and his outfits on Facebook on Monday, writing: “Hi y’all, we are new here.

Snoot the Rat | Entertainment News
Snoot the rat feeling festive in his new Christmas jumper.

“This is Snoot and he wanted you guys to know the seasonal knit can coozie things make perfect rat sweaters!” 

Hundreds of social media users liked Jamie’s post and left comments about the lovable animal.

One member wrote: “This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.” 

Whilst another said: “Snoot is so darn cute.

“His face looking into the camera is precious.”

Snoot the Rat | Entertainment News
Jamie and her furry pal, Snoot.

Another commented: “I never thought I’d say this, but that’s a cute rat!”

One user replied: “I had no idea a rat could look so adorable!”

Another wrote: “He is adorable. 

“Now if only people could see rats like this walking in the streets that would be awesome!”

Jamie has also set up a dedicated Facebook page for Snoot called Your Daily Dose of Snoot which has more than 8,000 followers.

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