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Albert Chavez on How Perseverance Pays Off

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Albert Raymond Chavez Jr. is a mortgage loan officer based in Sacramento, California.

He has vast experience in the mortgage business, the largest asset and liability sector, and in 2019, he was awarded the Top 1% for Originators for United Wholesale Mortgage.

Chavez offers his clients professional investment advice on refinancing strategies that help them cut the cost of purchasing new homes.

A proud family man and a father of three, he attributes his sales world success to his gratitude habit.

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A loyal, trustworthy, and intense person, Chavez believes in serving his clients wholeheartedly with no expectations of any return favors.

His sales journey started when he and his wife managed to trade a couple of homes.

He decided to make it a business to help others, especially first-time homeowners, buy their own homes. His early sales life was such a tough road that the contemplated giving up.

He had to sit down and weigh the options available for him.

He needed a career that would provide him with time, money, and the opportunity to live his preferred lifestyle, and that’s precisely what the sales job was offering.

A staunch believer in self-nurturing, Chavez values being honest to himself and, through God’s intervention, has been able to detach himself from people who make him feel angst and neediness.

In return, he has mastered the ability to listen to other people’s needs rather than just rushing to lecture them on what they need.

He underwent tough and trying moments, but preserved and emerged a victor. Perseverance is the commitment individuals make to themselves to do whatever it takes to accomplish set dreams and goals.

It requires one not to give up despite the difficulties and challenges, including friends who discourage plans by trying to show how they are unattainable.

After more than 20 years in the sales industry, Chavez has proved himself as a true champion of perseverance, surviving 100% on commission with no retainers or salary.

His current achievements are all a result of perseverance. At the age of 9, Chavez was strong enough to hit the grand slam home run for the first time and completed his first 14 miles of Spartan Beast in the Squaw Valley.

He recently endured the blistering heat of the desert for four days and four nights fasting in the Death Valley, surviving only on water.

His now very strong and solid sales foundation has been anchored on perseverance. To be at his current point in life, he has experienced much, including getting married and raising three kids who are now adults.

He now has the time and money he once yearned for. He resonates with perseverance and has already figured out how to own his problems as part of a self-truth.

Through perseverance, Chavez has built his confidence in the sales industry and, as a result, won the hearts of many with his sales philosophy based on gratitude, truth, and service.

After defeating so many obstacles in his journey, the feeling of success has given him the extra confidence he needed to expand and grow in the real estate industry’s mortgage sector.

He is currently working on a program named Men Empowering Men, where he seeks to help other men acknowledge and appreciate the “boy within” themselves.

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