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How to turn your camera equipment into an investment


We can all agree that having the right tools for a task is preferable. And having the newest version with the latest technology allows us to do our job even better, feels fantastic.

This is no less true for people working with visual productions, and getting your hands on a new camera or lens that allows you to shoot the scene in the way you want, should be possible for all creators.

However, this is not the reality for most. Keeping up with the latest technology in a field that sees a constant stream of improvements is next to impossible and comes with its own set of problems.

A picture of a camera
Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

It is not environmentally friendly to buy new gear every six months, and the costs can bankrupt any production team.

That is why Wedio believes the future of cinematography will be access-based consumption. Not individuals owning hyper-expensive equipment that’s outdated quickly and collects dust between uses.

That will not happen overnight, but the first steps have been taken with marketplaces that allow you to rent or rent out equipment. Even a new subscription-based model where you can get or give access to equipment for a monthly fee.

This is a great opportunity, both for gear users and gear owners, and if you own equipment you are not using all the time, you can jump on the wagon and be a part of the future.

How can this be an investment?

The sharing economy is booming, with ­projections pointing towards even more growth in the coming years, and it can be a great way to earn money by renting out your equipment.

Taking part in a circular economy, you can create a passive income and recoup your initial investment. Wedio is a sharing community where you can do just that. With both the option to rent out short-term or sell your gear through Wedio Subscription, you can get full value out of your equipment, both when using it part of the time and when you are done using it.

On Wedio, they provide:

  • Security — Every rental automatically includes free global insurance.
  • Safety — All Wedio members are ID-verified.
  • Flexibility — You decide when you want to rent out and for what price.

If you have equipment sitting on the shelves permanently or part of the time, why not put it to good use and earn money on it through creative recycling. It’s accessible to everyone, and currently, Wedio has local communities in Denmark, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.