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How is cloud storage revolutionising the way British companies work?


No matter who you are or where you work, you probably know what cloud storage is. It’s the great big online data storage facility which many people have come to rely on via their OneDrive or Google Drive. The amount of data that you can store on it is pretty much limitless, which is one of the many reasons why businesses have come to rely on it so much.

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Working from Home

As you can probably imagine, using an internet-based database is exceptionally handy for companies who have moved to working from home. Not only does it mean that all of their employees can access what they need easily, but it also means that employers can keep an eye on what all of their staff are doing, as they can access the business’s cloud storage and anything on it.


On top of this, a cloud storage facility is highly secure. It has to be, seeing as so many people rely on it to make their businesses work. It has many layers of security, much like a vault does. All of the security measures are to stop cybercriminals from accessing data and stealing sensitive information about a person, business, or industry. This wall of protection is constantly evolving to combat attacks from cybercriminals, but all authorised users will only need an email and one or two passwords to get into what they need to see.

There is also a vast amount of storage. This storage is divided into small chunks and then sold by companies that offer further protection services and business plans, such as Nutanix. This helps businesses further their security and the facilities available to their employees or other organisations to their students or patrons.


Cloud storage is also easy to manage and is user-friendly. It’s generally straightforward to navigate. It has the capabilities to hold something substantial, like a business project, without lagging when a few people are working on the same document, and they are all making changes in real-time. This feature helps collaboration and communication when employees work remotely, which is exceptionally useful due to the current pandemic.

Lastly, for an authorised user to be able to access the files on their businesses cloud storage, all they need is an internet connection, and preferably a very secure network (to minimise the risk of an APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats, a method of cybercrime where a cybercriminal breaks into the network and can see all traffic passing in and out of the internet through said network) from occurring). Once all of these boxes are ticked, it makes editing work and non-location-specific working much more straightforward.

Due to the pandemic, more and more businesses rely on cloud-based servers and databases for their businesses to work smoothly while their employees are working remotely. This practice is revolutionising the way we think about business in Britain and how we work and store our business files. Overall, cloud storage helps us adapt to the new normal and work more safely and efficiently.