Aldi shoppers left envious after customer finds can of “bean juice”


Aldi shoppers have “bean” left jealous after one customer unexpectedly bought a can of baked beans – without the beans. 

Judi Chamberlain was baffled to open her 29p tin of baked beans from the budget supermarket to find that it contained not one single bean. 

The 47-year-old from Aylsham, Norfolk, instead found a can filled with nothing but tomato sauce, which one Facebook user has dubbed “bean juice”. 

Bean Juice | Food and Drink News UK
Judi posted pictures of her “bean juice” to Facebook.

Judi’s image shows the opened tin with not one bean visible among the murky tomato sauce. 

On the front of the can the words “premium quality baked beans”, can be seen in white block capitals in front of a red label. 

The beans are also described on the tin as coming in a “rich tomato sauce”.

Council worker Judi posted her bizarre discovery to Facebook yesterday writing: “Not a single bean in my tin!” 

Bean Juice | Food and Drink News UK
Nothing could be seen in the can but murky orange tomato sauce.

Judi’s post quickly gained traction online earning over 1,800 likes and 400 comments from fellow shoppers.

Instead of being outraged by the clear manufacturing mishap, Aldi customers were left envious over Judi’s rare find. 

One customer wrote: “I only have beans for the juice. 

“Would have been a bonus for me.”

Another commented: “I don’t understand why they don’t just sell the juice!”

Bean Juice | Food and Drink News UK
The cheap beans can be found for sale on the Aldi website for just 29p

One user replied: “I wish they just did beans sauce as I’m not too keen on beans.”

Whilst another said: “That’s my dream! 

“I love the bean sauce but don’t like beans!”

Another wrote: “Bean juice, omg yes please.”

Speaking today, Judi said: “I’m not annoyed. We saw the funny side.

“However if I’d had have been struggling to put food on the table it may have been different.”

“I threw [the tin] out.”

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for Aldi said: “We’re sorry this product didn’t meet our usual high standards. Customers can return any product they are not satisfied with to their nearest store for a full refund.”

Baked beans are a staple convenience food in the UK and often eaten as part of the modern full English breakfast.

Heinz brand beans remains the best selling brand of baked beans in the UK.