Monday, May 23, 2022
NewsPrankster reveals drunken passerby who asked to use his toilet was his brother

Prankster reveals drunken passerby who asked to use his toilet was his brother

A SCOTS prankster has revealed that a passing drunk who rang his doorbell demanding to use his toilet was actually his brother.

Sean Ewart has admitted that him and his brother Ben had been “at it” the whole time after he posted a video of an apparent drunk man at his door asking to use the toilet.

27-year-old Sean admitted to telling a “few porkies” over the video and posted onto his Twitter revealing the prank.

Sean tweeted: “So there’s a video kicking about with a guy at my door wanting in for a shite. That guy is my brother @BENE25_ and we were at it.

“Decided to tell the papers a few porkys today.”

Sean had originally told media outlets that he had been enjoying a night in on Saturday watching Only Fools and Horses, however this was all a wind up.

In the video which has now received over 390,000 views, Sean’s brother Ben can be standing in his doorway.

Ben says: “Alright mate, I was just wondering whether you’d let me in for a s****?”

Sean replies to him: “Naw mate.”

Pretending to be drunk, Ben continues: “How no, you f*** d*, you f**** bam, let us in for a s***!”

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It came to light that it was Sean’s brother Ben in the video.

Laughing, Sean stands his ground and says No again.

Ben calls him a: “F**** p***.

Sean then says: “Get off my driveway or I’ll phone the police” as the unknown man delivers a final “F*** you!.”

Since Sean revealed last night [MON] that the whole thing was a prank, Twitter users have applauded the duo.

@Petertheneat said: “Well played.”

@Tamsellicssonlll posted: “That is stupendous.”

@Par_KC commented: “Nicely done!”

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