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Scots gran handed £60 covid fine after attending 70th birthday party

A SCOTS gran has received a fine after attending an illegal gathering for her friend’s 70th birthday party. 

82-year-old Maureen Hogg from Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire, was handed a penalty notice by cops after they broke up the celebrations in Eaglesham. 

Maureen was given a fine of £60 by officers over the weekend due to the party being in breach of current coronavirus restrictions. 

Maureen’s antics were shared on Twitter by her granddaughter Daisy yesterday who could not believe the news. 

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Pictured: Maureen who received a £60 fine for attending the party

17-year-old Daisy tweeted about the incident, saying: “Howling that my 82-year-old Gran got a covid fine cause she got caught at a gaff for someone’s 70th.

“Taken home by the police and everything, she is who I aspire to be like at 82.”

Alongside her tweet, Daisy attached a picture of her family group chat which shows a message from her Mum, saying: “Grans been charged with antisocial behaviour by Police Scotland.”

Daisy replied to the message saying: “Seriously” followed by laughing face emojis.

Daisy also attached a picture of her grans penalty notice which states how she was given a penalty under the Antisocial Behaviour Act of 2004.

According to granddaughter Daisy, everyone who had attended the party had all received their full vaccines. 

Despite this, they all received fines of £60 for their “antisocial behaviour” which 
according to Daisy her gran is more than happy to pay. 

Since Daisy shared her gran’s recent antics, her tweet has gone viral receiving over 27,000 likes and over 1,300 retweets. 

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Maureen’s granddaughter Daisy

Social media users could not believe what Maureen had been doing and found it hilarious.

@ellieewallace said: “When an 82 year old has a better social life than us at the moment.” 

@Josephsoap4 said: “I want to be that bad at 82 years old.”

@silverrebel5 added: “Your gran sounds awesome. Most fines get thrown out of court too.” 

Speaking today Daisy said: “I hope I’m partying like her at that age.”

“I thought it was funny, my Mum and Dad did too.”

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