Survey reveals over 50% of people are unhappy with their homes due to the pandemic


New survey reveals how pandemic restrictions are making more people unhappy with the state of their homes.

A recent nation wide survey hosted by Vivo Property highlighted the general unsatisfactory attitude people have towards their home.

After gathering data from 600 respondents which covered topics from house satisfaction, to moving out due to the pandemic and attitudes the survey found that:

  • Lockdown has made 53% of people feel dissatisfied with their homes

  • 32% of respondents have considered moving to a new house due to the pandemic

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash
  • 54% of people are looking to have a garden in their next house

  • 42% of people do not think selling a house during the pandemic is safe

  • 59% of people spent more money in their house since the pandemic started

  • While 48% of people earning under £45k now feel dissatisfied with their homes, 54% of people with higher income feel this way.

Jantiene Sobry from Vivo Property Buyers had this to say about the survey:”Although you can keep up with housing trends through big publishers, this survey has given us the chance to hear directly from homeowners how they are feeling and why, and how having experienced a pandemic is shaping their future plans.

“In a moment where we are all socially distanced, it was nice to be in touch with the human side of the housing market.”

The survey also revealed that, if working from home and office time-split is to remain after the pandemic, people will be willing to make longer commutes, contributing to a UK-wide migration from the big cities to rural areas.