“What a catch” – Scots photographer captures Osprey in flight holding a decapitated trout


A SCOTS photography student has captured amazing images which show a ravenous Osprey carrying a decapitated trout. 

Darren Dawson, from Dundee, captured the incredible snapshots of the powerful bird and its unfortunate prey yesterday after a patient wait. 

After waiting by a hide near Forfar, Angus for almost seven hours, the 49 year-old Darren managed to snap his impressive images of the bird.

Osprey carries headless trout | Scottish News
After waiting for almost seven hours Darren finally snapped the osprey and its prey.

One image shows the bird of prey soaring through clear blue skies clutching onto the blood covered silver scaled trout. 

The Osprey’s talons can be seen wrapped around the belly of trout, which has had its head brutally decapitated by the bird. 

Darren, a photography student at Dundee and Angus College, later posted his graphic pictures to Facebook, writing: “Osprey with a part eaten trout, taken today near Forfar.”

The post has been well received among wildlife lovers with the post now having over 1,500 likes, with hundreds of comments praising the unique photo. 

Osprey carries headless trout | Scottish News
The osprey could be seen holding a trout that was covered in blood with its head decapitated.

Louis Mcdermott wrote: “Pretty neat shot, wow!”

Margaret Anderson said: “What a catch both for the bird and you. 

“An incredible photo and thanks for sharing.”

Claire Abercrombie replied: “Wow amazing capture. Well done.”

Speaking today Darren said: “I have been visiting the loch where I photographed the ospreys for years now. 

“I can sit in the hide at the Loch for hours at a time just waiting on an osprey flying past with a fish in its talons.

“Sometimes they come back with a really small trout etc then other times they come back with really big trout, like the one I photographed yesterday.

“It’s just about having patience and a little bit of luck.”