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NewsCentenarian celebrates 100th birthday with over four hundred cards

Centenarian celebrates 100th birthday with over four hundred cards

A CENTENARIAN celebrated his 100th birthday in style after receiving over four hundred cards from local school children, celebrities and Her Majesty the Queen. 

Ivor Hill celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday and received an incredible amount of birthday wishes from a whole host of individuals.

Former military man Ivor, was overwhelmed after the outpouring of birthday wishes started coming through the door of his care home in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. 

Celebrations took place inside West Bank Residential home and saw cards arrive from former racing driver David Coulthard, boxing champion Hank Bruno and Her Majesty the Queen. 

100 year old man celebrates birthday with over four hundred cards - UK News
Ivor can be seen here being presented with his card from the Queen.

Several schools in the local area also sent him large numbers of cards from pupils who wished him well.

Plans to celebrate Ivor’s 100th birthday started to come together earlier in the year by his son Steve and the manager at West Bank Residential, Judy Powell.

The two concocted an idea to have him receive over one hundred cars to mark his special birthday.

However, on the last count Ivor had received in excess of four hundred with the final number at 411.

Despite being partially blind and hard of hearing, grandfather of five Ivor was ecstatic at the amount of cards and celebrations to mark his big day. 

Video captured by care home staff show Ivor opening his card from Her Majesty the Queen.

One member of staff can be heard saying: “The card from The Queen has arrived.”

Fellow residents give a round of applause as they then read aloud the Queens birthday wishes to Ivor.

The card reads: “I am pleased to know that you are celebrating your 100th birthday on the 15th of April.

“I send my congratulations and best wishes to you on your special day, Mr Ivor Hill.”

The room then bursts into applaud as fellow residents then sing Happy Birthday to Ivor.

Speaking today, 65-year-old son Steve said: “The reason we wanted the cards is that it’s different with social media these days it’s easy to send a message back but this actually involves people making the effort, sourcing the card, posting the card and of course it gives them something to open.

“The actual opening of a card is just so special. We have got them from Spain, Sweden, Australia, Northern Ireland. It’s gone international.

100 year old man celebrates birthday with over four hundred cards - UK News
Pictured: Ivor and care home staff.

“Normally I’m not emotional but I had tears in my eyes when they wheeled him out to the garden and he started reading the cards. 

“It was so lovely to see him, I wanted to reach out and hug him but just to speak one on one was so special.”

Judy Powell, manager of the care home today said: “It was a very busy and exciting day. He started off having his favourite breakfast: a sausage sandwich and started opening some of his cards in the lounge with all the other residents.

“He was spoiled rotten all the way through. In the afternoon six members of his family were able to visit outside. 

“It was the first time he saw his son Steve in 14 months due to the pandemic so it was a really special day.” 

UK News
Ivor is pictured second the right in this old family picture.

Diane Lovesey, the activities coordinator in the care home, today said:  “Ivor is such a lovely and kind-hearted gentleman with a great sense of humour and fun.

I have never met anyone that old, I thought it’d be fantastic to get 100 cards. We have gotten so many more. Yesterday I counted 411.

She continued: “Ivor has such a connection with other residents, he will hold their hands and reach out. Even though he can’t see he still likes the contact. 

“He loves chocolate and his John Smith’s. I’ve never met anyone who could rinse a can faster.” 

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