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NewsPub-goer claims waitress served her drink with "bird s*** in it

Pub-goer claims waitress served her drink with “bird s*** in it

A PUB-GOER has claimed she was served a drink with bird “s*** floating around” in it after being told by staff that they were swapping over her dirty glass.

Devon Jane Frame was shocked to be given a drink which she said had seagull poo inside it while at The Sand Dancer pub in South Shields on Friday.

The fuming customer was enjoying restrictions being lifted and sitting outside the establishment when a seagull poo landed directly into her orange juice.

She approached staff and offered to buy a new drink but claims a waitress offered to replace her beverage with a fresh one.

But after immediately noticing that the replaced glass was only half full, Devon took a closer look and was disgusted to find “bird poo” still floating around inside.

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Devon, a food and beverage worker at Nuffield Health, claims the staff member “scooped out some of the poo” and handed her back the same glass.

She has since shared images on Facebook showing the revolting glass before she handed it over to staff and also afterwards – showing parts floating at the bottom.

Devon complained to The Sand Dancer pub on Facebook on Friday, writing: “So we were sitting in the Sandancer and a bird ended up s****** in my drink.

“Fair enough that can’t be helped with sitting outside, I totally understand that, but I’ve asked one of the women that works there if I can buy a new drink.

“I offered to pay but was told I didn’t have to…and she’s said that’s totally fine.

“She took my drink away and came back with what was apparently a totally fresh drink and cup.

The Sand Dancer pub in South Shields

“Luckily lily spotted the fact that the glass was half empty so I’ve looked at the drink and there’s still s*** floating around in the glass. 

“They’ve literally scooped out some of the poo and gave me the same drink back.

She added: “[I] wouldn’t normally make a status like this but the customer service is absolutely terrible.

“Imagine if I hadn’t noticed and actually drank.” 

Devon’s post has gained almost 2,000 likes and attracted hundreds of comments from shocked social media users, expressing their disgust.

Natalie Davies said: “Hahaha going to the pub for the first time in a year and literally being fed shit! TERRIBLE.” 

Clarissa Sarah Jane Price said: “I don’t understand why on earth another one wasn’t just made, as it’s something out of her control.

“I work in hospitality and this irks my soul. Wouldn’t give that to my worst enemy let alone a customer fml.” 

Zoe Armistead added: “This should be reported to environmental health and personally if a member of staff had done that they need sacking.

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A PUB-GOER has claimed she was served a drink with bird “s*** floating in it

“Absolutely vile.” 

The Sand Dancer pub today confirmed that they have sacked the member of staff responsible for returned the dirty glass to the customer.

A spokesman for the establishment said he was “appalled” by the incident and has contacted Devon to apologise and offer a free meal for her and her friend.

The spokesman today said: “One of the brand new team members who worked their first shift in their first job was the person involved in the incident and has since been dismissed from the company.

“The lady who the incident occurred to has been contacted and is returning to the venue with friend as way of apology to them.

“We have never condoned or would ever condone such actions.”

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