Shocking video shows yob throwing huge plant pot at men during brawl


SHOCKING video captured the moment a yob launched a huge plant pot at a group of men during a drunken mass brawl.

Revellers were caught on camera fighting outside the No3 Sports Bar in Blackpool, Lancashire on Saturday night.

In the shocking clip, a large group of yobs can be seen brawling with each other on a residential street.

One man is shown standing in the doorway of one of the neighboring houses clutching a large, ceramic, plant pot while chaos erupts around him.

Within seconds he is shown throwing the large pot with incredible force in the direction of a group of fighting men.

Shocking video shows yob hurl plant pot at man in street brawl - Viral Video News
The man can be seen throwing the large ceramic pot in the shocking clip.

The pot shatters as it clatters with the heads of two men and sends soil and ceramic over the road as the group disperse.

As the men run away from the scene, the man who threw the pot is chased by another man as the video comes to an end.

Shocked bystander Lauren Partridge, 21, managed to capture the video as it unfolded and posted it to her Twitter page yesterday saying: “Bet that hurt you know.”

Shocking video shows yob hurl plant pot at man in street brawl - Viral Video News
Social media users could not believe their eyes at the shocking clip.

Since Lauren shared her video, it has been viewed over 390,000 times and hundreds of social media users have been commenting on the video.

@JackMcCutcheon7 said: “Bunch of absolute roasters.”

@Nath_Irish posted: “F****** hell, sore head in the morning.”

@Lee_Hollandddd commented: “Holy f*** btw that must’ve been f****** agony.”