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NewsTesco slammed for importing "substandard" garlic from China

Tesco slammed for importing “substandard” garlic from China

TESCO shoppers have slammed the supermarket for selling “sub standard” garlic which has been imported from China.

Despite garlic being harvested in the UK, Tesco have opted to import the plant from over 4,800 miles away in China.

Customers have taken to the product listing on the Tesco site and slammed the imported goods, with one shopper even claiming it is “not fit for consumption”.

Tesco slammed for using chinese garlic - Consumer News
Pictured: The three pack of organic garlic.

The item in question is a three pack of organic garlic which is priced at £1 and described as: “Harvested by hand. Carefully grown and naturally sun dried.”

Currently, the item has a star rating of one and a half stars out of five with over 40 reviews being left on the Chinese garlic.

One customer said: “Very poor quality, bought with my online delivery order, quite shocked at Tesco for selling this sub standard garlic.

“The cloves were either dried to a powder or brown and brittle. The actual garlic bulb was hardly bigger than a cherry tomato.”

Tesco slammed for using chinese garlic - Consumer News
Concerned shoppers have blasted the use of Chinese garlic.

Another posted: “Despite the ‘organic’ label this is garlic from China, with a metallic taste that could ruin any dish you add it to.

“This is a comment on the country of origin, and the characteristic of the product only.”

While another concerned shopper said: “This garlic made me feel so unwell. Chinese garlic. Will not be buying again.”

Another customer urged the supermarket chain to support British farmers, saying: “I would not have purchased had I realised this is from China.

“Why when we have our own ready now? Also air miles and ethical considerations aside. Please support British farmers.”

Farming UK recently shared a tweet by concerned shopper Sue Park who had shared images of her garlic onto Twitter, saying: “I know we grow garlic in the UK so please tell me why on earth are you importing it from China?”

The leading agricultural news outlet captioned their Facebook post on Thursday [14th APR], saying: “100% agree with this.”

Their post has since gathered over 1,000 likes and over 150 comments from social media users who agree with them.

Tesco slammed for using chinese garlic - Consumer News
Concerned shoppers have blasted the use of Chinese garlic.

One follower, Greg Hassall, commented: “Simple answer is to stop spending your hard earned cash at these faceless corporations and start spending it down your local butchers/ grocers etc.

“They need our support more than these black hole money giants plus you’ll be supporting your local economy instead of sending your money who knows where.”

Tim Sandford said: “Garlic from half a world away when you can grow it here? That‘s just dumb in this day and age.”

And Chris Chapman wrote: “Wouldn’t surprise me if China got theirs from the UK.”

In 2016, the supermarket was pulled up for labelling items like vegetables, fruit and meat as coming from imaginary British farms such as Redmere Farms, and Rosedene Farms.

In actual fact, products where being imported from other countries like Spain, Holland, Denmark and Chile.

The supermarket had been labelling the items with farm names to suggest their country of origin as being the U.K. but in actual fact were being brought in from abroad.

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