Dash-cam clip shows elderly man being dragged to ground by his walking stick


SHOCKING dash-cam footage captures the moment an elderly man is forced to the ground by a driver – after apparently taking too long to cross the road.

The elderly victim, who is carrying a walking stick, was pushed to the ground by the driver yesterday on Stoney Stanton Road in Coventry, West Midlands.

In the shocking clip, traffic can be seen at a standstill on Stoney Stanton Road with a BMW driver sitting at the front of the queue.

As the dash-cam car approaches, a man dressed in white can be seen pulling a man across the road by holding onto his walking stick.

The elderly man loses control of his feet due to him being dragged across the main road and ends up in a heap.

As he lies on the ground he sits up right and starts whacking the BMW driver with his walking stick as the man backs away.

Nearby pedestrians come to the elderly man’s aid as the shocking video ends.

Shocking dash cam shows the moment an elderly man is pushed to the ground - Dash Cam News
The elderly man then hits the man who caused him to fall with his walking aid.

Since being captured yesterday, the video has been shared on Facebook community page Spotted Coventry City.

The community group captioned the video: “This impatient driver , on Stoney Stanton Road could not wait for an elderly with a walking stick to cross the road, so decides to drag him.

“Please name and shame this embarrassing human.”

Since the disgusting video was shared, social media users have expressed their disgust at the actions of the driver.

Shocking dash cam shows the moment an elderly man is pushed to the ground - Dash Cam News
Social media users expressed their disgust at the clip.

Parminder Kaur-shorty said: “What’s wrong with people. I hope the man is ok, physically and emotionally.

“Not nice to see.”

Hysha Muamiki posted: “No empathy or humanity.”

Pam Hayer commented: “Seriously! Why pick on an old man??”