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How Robbie Burke And Mindful Muscle Provide A More Holistic Approach To Fitness


Too many fitness coaching programs today tend to focus on the physical component of the body and not take into account the mental component in fitness. Robbie Burke, the founder of Mindful Muscle, has forged a new path where a holistic approach to fitness is taken.

Approaching fitness holistically refers to the wholesome development of both the mind and the body. This is what makes Mindful Muscle different from other health companies in the fitness industry.

Robbie and his team make sure that they impart their wisdom, expertise, and knowledge to better shape the body and mind of their clients.

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The Different Fitness Approach
This distinct approach used by Mindful Muscle can seem a little different at first because it seems new. However, this new method promises to generate better results than standard fitness programs people can find on the Internet.

The chief executive officer of Mindful Muscle
The one who offered the Mindful Muscle solution four years ago is Robbie Burke. Robbie is a fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a committed health coach. This 23-year-old decided to build Mindful Muscle to help men and women around the world to live healthier and happier lives by taking care of their body and mind.
Robbie is devoted to assisting his clients to unravel their potential and transform them into healthier and better individuals. Along with his professional team, he wants Mindful Muscle to provide superior fitness services that will benefit clients around the world.

Knowing and understanding their clients
Unfortunately, not all businesses focus on building a relationship with their clients. However, Mindful Muscle is enthusiastic about doing just that. They want to understand their clients’ circumstances better to create personalized fitness programs best suited for them to properly and effectively progress them towards their goals.
Mindful Muscle understands the uniqueness of each person they assist, so they find it meaningful and relevant to customize activities and diet plans that will fit the needs of their clients. They are also aware that every person has different goals and hence tailor strategies and approaches for individuals.

Never leaving clients on their own
Robbie and the team are against the idea of being just a consulting business. Instead, they make sure that they are available anytime using their 24-hour text support. Besides, Mindful Muscle is a community where both trainers and clients get to interact with each other. Robbie highlights that being in a group that shares common interests and goals can significantly improve client progress and push them closer to their transformation goals.
Mindful Muscle conducts weekly check-ins with their clients to observe their overall progress. They are also open to thorough and extensive communication for clients to reflect on how far they have come. They do live calls where everyone in the community can participate and celebrate victories, no matter how small they are.

Mindful Muscle provides not just instructions to their customers, but a holistic plan and a team of experts to advise on every step of the journey. They additionally provide support, assistance, encouragement, praise, and inspiration to every individual on a custom program. Their approach certainly creates a positive effect that results in a better physical and mental transformation of clients.