Tuesday, July 5, 2022
NewsShocking video shows raging woman spitting at fellow motorist at red lights

Shocking video shows raging woman spitting at fellow motorist at red lights

SHOCKING video shows a raging woman spitting at a fellow road motorist after getting into an argument at a red light. 

A shocked truck driver captured the moment the vile woman got out of her car and spat at a motorist who was driving behind her in Bootle, Merseyside on Monday.

The clip shows the blonde woman ranting and raving while standing beside the window of the black Ford S Max that is stopped behind her red Honda Jazz.

Heavy traffic can be seen travelling from the opposite direction as the woman shouts just inches away from the unfortunate female driver’s window. 

The woman then appears to retreat to her car before changing her mind and walking back to hurl a mouth full of spit into the direction of the driver.

She then decides to spit again into the direction of the other motorist before returning back to her car and driving off as the lights turn green.

Still fuming at the altercation, the woman continues to brake unexpectedly to hold up the driver and is met by a wave of car horns in response. 

Woman spits on car | Transport News UK
The woman spat at the car before finally returning to her own vehicle.

The truck driver, who captured the footage and wishes to remain anonymous, can be heard throughout the clip, saying: “F***** hell, you horrible little f**** b***.

“She tried to ram her f****** door open as well.

“Horrible little f***** b***.

“Bet she stalls now. 

“The f*** are you doing? 

“What a stupid f****** bitch.

“Break checking now as well. Stupid f****** bitch.”

The shocked truck driver posted the video onto Facebook later on the same day, writing: “If you’re the driver of that Jazz you should be massively ashamed of yourself.”

The video has gained over 200 likes, 500 shares and hundreds of comments from social media users condemning the woman’s actions. 

Catherine Rowe wrote: “Unbelievable, why would anyone carry on like that. Spitting? 

“Definitely not a lady is she.”

Ste Fairclough replied: “I dare someone who knows her to tag her in the comments. 

“In fact I double dare you. It’ll be boss honest.”

Julie Byrne said: “That’s officially assault, disgusting behaviour!”

Tracy Moules commented: “Omg that’s really bad she needs reporting.

“Spitting, f****** spitting, how disgusting.”

Woman spits on car | Transport News UK
The women, wearing a purple t-shirt could be seen harassing the driver of the black Ford.

Speaking today the truck driver said: “I just knew something was about to kick off, she had an extreme look of anger on her face.

“I have no idea what started it but the woman in the black car didn’t react at all. 

“I felt awful for her. 

“Just before I started filming, the woman out the Jazz had tried to open the car door of the other woman.

“If she had got it open I definitely would have been out to help her. 

“I was shocked that the other traffic just drove around them. 

“Also the spitting, absolutely disgusting, what a vile thing to do. 

“The police have been in contact and the woman decided not to press charges.”

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