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Rest & Relaxation – 6 Great Ways To Unwind After A Stressful Day


Even if you’re the most composed and easy-going person, some days get to be too much. Maybe your schedule is full of staff meetings, kids’ appointments, important deadlines, and conferences. By the end of it all, you need a break. Life isn’t easy, and stressful days are a common occurrence in the modern world, so what can you do at the end of a particularly pressure-packed day to unwind and relax? 

Everyone is different, but below, we discuss several tried and true methods for destressing and decompressing. Try one or more of them out to find the ways that help you reach a calm and restful state on those days when life gets to be too much.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  1. Meditate

Meditation is one of those things you can do just about anywhere. You don’t even need a lot of time. Just a few minutes of quiet inner-thought and deep breathing can be enough to rejuvenate your body and mind. 

If you want to take your meditation to the next level, get yourself an aroma diffuser and essential oil that’s calming, like lavender or rosemary. Next, choose some soothing music to listen to while you meditate. Take as much time as you need to relax, so you end your session as a new, revitalized person. 

  1. Give Yourself a Massage

You don’t need a partner to get a good massage. You can massage your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back yourself and reap the benefits all the same. Invest in a good massage tool for best results, and if you have a willing partner, get them to lend a hand from time to time. You can also try tensing and releasing each muscle in your body, starting at your toes and working your way up.

  1. Get Some Exercise

Exercise reduces stress by increasing your body’s production of endorphins – those feel-good neurotransmitters from the brain that put a little pep in your step. When you exercise, you feel good about yourself too. 

If you feel stressed and worn out after a hard day, try getting in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise before hitting the sack. It’ll make you feel calm and focused and help you sleep better. 

  1. Have Sex

Having sex is one of the best ways on this list to reduce stress. A good old-fashioned romp has a way of relaxing the mind and body that no other method has, and it’s lots of fun too! 

  1. Take the Day Off

After days of meeting a stressful schedule, nothing helps a person relax and unwind better than taking a day or two off. When you wake in the morning and realize you don’t have to make the trek into the office that day, you instantly feel better and emotionally lighter. 

If you have paid time off, don’t be afraid to take a mental health day. Use it when you need it to destress and enjoy life a little bit. You’ve earned it!

  1. Read a Good Book

Books have a way of transporting the reader to another place and time, which can be all you need to step away from your crazy schedule for a little while. When you become engrossed in a good book, the world around you seems to fade, giving you a chance to focus on something other than your responsibilities. 

Life is busy and hectic, but it’s important to take time out to destress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try the methods listed above to unwind and relax.