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Amazing clip shows stunning kingfisher catching and brutally killing its prey

A FASCINATING video shows the moment a stunning kingfisher catches and brutally kills its dinner.

Amateur photographer Chris Paul snapped the footage earlier this month at Brabyns Park in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The bus driver, who started taking photos during lockdown, visits the park regularly to snap the beautiful creature who is famous among local wildlife enthusiasts. 

Chris waited just ten minutes before the kingfisher appeared and was able to capture nature in action.

The video shows the vibrant orange, blue and white bird kingfisher waiting patiently on a branch as it looks out for prey.

In a split second the bird then pounces on an unexpecting fish, snatching it from the river below. 

The kingfisher then proceeds to perch on another nearby branch and violently shake around its head, hitting the helpless fish off the tree. 

Kingfisher | Wildlife News UK
The Kingfisher darted into the water to snatch up its unexpecting prey.                                                        (C) Chris Paul

Once the fish stops struggling the kingfisher then gulps it down in one swift swallow. 

Chris posted the video to Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “Kingfisher catches and devours lunch in Manchester park.”

The post now has dozens of likes, with many users praising the footage. 

Tracey Barrett wrote: “Fabulous!”

Julie Cosgrove Wilson replied: “Fantastic shot. Not seen a kingfisher in years.”

Natalia N Nekro commented: “I didn’t know what a kingfisher was but I am glad the pretty little bird didn’t get eaten.”

Kingfisher | Wildlife News UK
The beautiful bird then savagely battered the fish off a branch, preparing it to eat.                                        (C) Chris Paul

Speaking today, Chris said: “I had never seen a kingfisher till I spotted this one.

“He has become a very popular celebrity in Marple we all refer to him as Mr K.

“I didn’t expect to get the footage I did although I had an idea he would turn up. 

“Local people from all over were flocking to the pond to try and catch a glimpse of him.

“He’s now nesting with a female kingfisher. They have eggs that are due to hatch in a couple of weeks.”

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