Police search for reckless driver who collided with three separate vehicles before fleeing the scene


POLICE are hunting down a reckless motorist who left a trail of destruction in his path after crashing into multiple vehicles before fleeing the scene.

Footage of the shocking scene was captured by a nearby bystander, who wishes to remain anonymous, as the events unfolded in Bordesley Green in Birmingham on Tuesday.

The person who shot the video originally pulled out his phone to record after witnessing a driver of a white van collide with another vehicle at a junction.

Footage then shows the white van driver fleeing the scene by cutting across the busy junction while the front of the van can be seen badly smashed.

The man who is filming and his friend pursued the dodgy driver to another junction where they spotted him continuing to cause havoc.

In the video the camera man is heard saying: “He has crashed into someone else! No way!”

A black Audi can be seen sitting in the middle of the road badly smashed after the white van again caused a collision.

Police hunt for driver who collided with three vehicles then left the scene - UK News
The apparent driver.

The man who captured the video asks the Audi owner: “Is it a white van? He just crashed into two people!”

After another short pursuit, they then pull up behind the white van which has been abandoned after colliding with another black Audi.

The anonymous man asks the Audi driver: “Mate, where is the geezer? Has he f***** off?”

Images then show the van driver dazed and confused after being caught up with following his trail of destruction.

Police hunt for driver who collided with three vehicles then left the scene - UK News
The driver quickly darts across the junction in the shocking clip.

The top of his head and high vis vest can be seen covered in blood.

The video was subsequently shared on Facebook that same day and captioned: “Just witnessed this chaos in Bordesley Green absolute chaos watch till the end.

“Guy got dealt with.”

Since being shared, locals have been commenting on the terrifying clip.

Tony Jones said: “That’s f***** up aha.”

Abigail Lee posted: “The world’s gone mad.”

Jade Peppin commented: “He crashed into how many cars and didn’t stop the prat, imagine if that was a child in one of them cars.”

Speaking today, the man who captured the video said: “I was dropping my daughter home from school and I saw that.

Police hunt for driver who collided with three vehicles then left the scene - UK News
Social media users could not believe their eyes.

“I was like ‘bloody hell’ – what’s the guy playing at. We have to drive back through there today, it is a nightmare.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police today said: “Officers were called to Hob Moor Road, Bordesley Green just before 6pm on Tuesday afternoon following reports of a collision.

“It’s understood that a van collided with three other vehicles; two Audis and a VW Polo. Thankfully no-one was seriously injured.

“The driver abandoned the van in the middle of the road and ran off on foot. Our enquiries are ongoing.”