“Blatant rip off” – Shoppers blast M&S for chocolate bar that looks exactly like a Toblerone


ALDI supporters have blasted M&S for their “chocolate mountain bar” that looks suspiciously like Toblerone.  

The UK retailer has recently been in a legal battle with fellow chain Aldi over their imitation of their Colin the Caterpillar cake.

However, social media users have now called out the retailer for the “extraordinary similarities” between one of their chocolate bars and the iconic triangular treat.

Marks and Spencer currently sell a swiss chocolate “milk chocolate mountain bar” which is filled with honey, almonds, nougat and ground hazelnuts

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The Swiss chocolate bar

The chocolate bar is also suspiciously shaped into triangular prisms, which bears a close resemblance to Toblerone which is also filled with honey, almond and nougat.

The resemblance was shared on Twitter by user Peter Mundy who said: “Maybe Marks and Spencer should climb down from its high horse before Toblerone starts investigating the extraordinary similarities between the M&S Swiss Chocolate Mountain Bar and the iconic triangular choc?”

Since Peter tweeted about the striking resemblance last Tuesday, the tweet has been liked over 1800 times

Twitter users have joined Peter in calling out the hypocrisy with one branding the chocolate bar a “blatant rip off”.

@usernot25676256 said: “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” 

Credit: Peter Mundy

@Nortytiger added: “Have you seen the M&S copies of fondant fancies, Liquorice Allsorts and Walnut Whips to name a few? 

“M&S might have opened a can of caterpillars here… I mean a can of worms.”

@jubbsxx commented: “That’s like blatant rip off.”

M&S introduced Colin the Caterpillar 30 years ago and since then fellow competitors have followed suit by creating similar caterpillar cakes. 

They recently launched a lawsuit against Aldi over their caterpillar cake Cuthbert. 

Toblerone was originally launched 113 years ago and is produced in Bern, Switzerland.

It is known for its distinctive shape which is a series of joined triangular prisms.