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NewsDash cam captures 20ft container detaching from HGV on busy motorway

Dash cam captures 20ft container detaching from HGV on busy motorway

DRAMATIC dash cam footage shows the moment a large container detaches from the rear of a HGV and narrowly avoids colliding with drivers on a busy motorway.

Motorist Christine Luff captured the heart-stopping incident whilst driving on the M25 motorway just outside Potters Bar in Herefordshire on Thursday [22nd MAR].

The 69-year-old from East Hunsbury in Northamptonshire had been travelling on the busy road with her 89-year-old mum when the 20-foot container became detached.

In the video, retired hairdresser Christine can be seen travelling down the busy stretch of motorway.

A HGV pulling two large containers can be seen sitting in the left hand lane of the busy carriageway surrounding by travelling vehicles.

The rear blue container then becomes completely detached from the rest of the vehicle and swerves across three right hand lanes.

One evasive driver tries to avoid the large vessel twice however according to Christine their Peugeot was clipped by the container.

The blue vessel then collides with the central reservation and comes to a stop.

The HGV driver is shown driving across the lanes to follows the blue container which is now situated in the right hand lane.

The vessel comes loose from the HGV and moves lanes.

Christine then overtakes the scene and passes another motorist who has pulled over at the side of the road after being clipped by the container.

Christine’s husband Brian shared the footage onto his Facebook page that night, captioning his post: “Dashcam today from our car.

“Wait for [the] 20 foot container to disengage.”

Since Brian shared his footage, social media users have posted their thoughts on the terrifying footage.

Paul Varley said: “That could have been so bad. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.”

Geoff Marshall posted: “Holy s***.”

Dash cam captures 20ft container detaching on motorway - Dash Cam UK
The container then crashes into the central reservation.

Callum Turff commented: “Must have been a mechanical failure right? No way he made it that far if it wasn’t coupled correctly.”

Speaking today, Christine said: “I slowed down with hazards on and saw that the rest of the traffic had slowed also.

“I carried on slowly at first and saw the white car involved in the film, he had been clipped and had then stopped at the side.

“Glad to be out of that unscathed.

“I am glad to be a couple of seconds behind the incident and not getting rear-ended.”

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