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Unique Airbnb listing allows visitors to share their stay with a miniature horse

A UNIQUE Airbnb in the grounds of a 17th century manor has caught the attention of holidaymakers – because visitors get to share a roof with a miniature horse called Basil.

Hilarious images show Basil poking his head through to the master bedroom of the property in Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire.

The friendly animal has freedom to walk into his hay-filled stable, located at the other side of the wall, whenever he likes.

Horse Airbnb | Property News
Loving the idea, Richard posted a screenshot of the Airbnb listing to Twitter.

The exposed former doorway allows Basil to peer in whenever he wants to be nosy or is looking for attention – with just two planks of wood stopping him from entering.

Guests at £143-per-night property are encouraged by owners to “cuddle and pet” Basil overnight until he is collected from the stable at 10.30 in the morning. 

Newborn lambs are also known to make their appearance so could even work as a morning alarm with their bleating.

The property is seen to have a rustic farmhouse style with large wooden panels, grey stone tiles and stone walls, completing the unique stay. 

Horse Airbnb | Property News
The unique Airbnb allows guests to have a sleepover with basil the horse.

Visitors at the property will also have the pleasure of interacting with a number of other wild animals including, highland cows, Hebridean sheep, horses, chickens and Norwegian forest cats. 

The Airbnb property description reads: “Basils place is situated on the grounds of a 17th century manor, surrounded by a picturesque 60 acre estate. 

“The apartment is directly attached to Basils stable, where there is a doorway in between the two spaces. 

“Visitors will be able to go in the stable to fuss Basil. Sometimes our baby lambs will be in the stable too.

Horse Airbnb | Property News

“Basil will usually be in the stable from the time you arrive, will stay in there overnight, and then I’ll collect him from the stable between 10:30-10:45am to either go back to his field or out for a walk. 

“So please give him some goodbye cuddles!”

Having found the bizarre property, Twitter user Richard Stott posted images of the listing onto social media last night, writing: “The perfect staycation doesn’t exis…”

Sharing a screenshot of Basil the horse peeking his head into the master bedroom, Richard’s post now has over 88,000 likes, 8,000 retweets and 323 comments. 

Twitter users were mixed in their responses. 

@strutcakes wrote: “I’m concerned about the smell.”

@LimeHMas said: “I want a sleepover with Basil.”

@DrWomanhattan replied: “I do not think this would smell very nice but I think it’d also be nice to have a sleepover with Basil. 

“This is hard.”

@callybarlow commented: “I wouldn’t get a WINK of sleep.”

@Steve56666007 also wrote :”I’d move the bed next to Basil.”

Horse Airbnb | Property News
The Airbnb could be found listed for just £142 a night.

Richard also confirmed that he’d booked a stay to see Basil in person, writing: “Guys! It’s happened!

“I’m going to stay with Basil in July!” 

The holiday venue has an outstanding review of 4.96 stars, with many guests praising the accommodation.

A previous visitor, known only as James, wrote: “This is the kind of thing you read about in a Sunday newspaper supplement. It’s that good. It really is such a wonderful experience.

“Basil the Shetland pony was amazing. The place was fantastic and the host was brilliant.”

Another happy customer, known as Joe, said: “Our stay with Brittany (and Basil) was excellent.

“The accommodation is amazing, and ideally located. Perfect for kids to feed chickens and horses.”

And previous visitor Lea wrote: “We had a brilliant stay with Basil, despite the miniature sheep having escaped and trampled through the bedroom before we arrived!

“Brittany sorted it out really quickly however and it was more of an amusement than an inconvenience!”

As well as the unique animal feature, this Airbnb also offers guests an outdoor log fire with BBQ grill and an outdoor tiki hut/seating area.

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