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Who is the best car accident, lawyer? How to find one?


In this developing age when everybody can now easily buy a car, and when traveling privately is now become a necessity of life. Car accidents are also increasing. Only in the USA, 14 to 15 million people buy cars every year; this is something huge.

As the USA is a developed state, so there the concepts of a car injury lawyer are also widespread. They have the best lawyers, and the competition for both the attorneys and the victims has increased.

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You might think it would be super easy to find the best car accident, lawyer. Only in Atlanta, the number of lawyers increased by 15 percent in the last decade, making it difficult to find the Atlanta car accident lawyer. The statistic from a single state is enough to understand how tough it would be to access the best professional lawyer.

The following tips can help you find a professional injury lawyer to tackle the cases of car accidents and to get fair compensation.

Do the internet research.

This is the age of the internet, and you cannot skip it. Use it to save time, search for the best car accident attorney near me, and the google map would show you the most popular and rated lawyers. Now you need to write their names. Why shortlisting the nearest one? Well, it is for your time and energy. Not every lawyer near you is the best, but someone who is staying states away can never help you as efficiently as a lawyer residing near you can.

So be a pragmatic person. Do not believe the internet completely; sometimes the novice lawyers would make a website or pages rank higher on the search engine. At this step, you only need to shortlist the high-rated law firms near you. It would help you narrow down the search.

Get their contact.

First, you should contact them through the phone. Do not be in a hurry; it would not be possible for you to meet ten lawyers in a week. So, to save time and energy, the best way is to call them or visit their websites. These two options are the most common and effective ones, but the former is far more helpful as you will directly talk to the receptionist.

Search down the websites.

The websites of the best law firm will say a lot about them. You can first understand the history and the mission of the law firm; they would help you understand why they are here and what their goal is. Secondly, look for the services being offered; it will also help in gauging the law firm’s professionalism.

A lawyer who claims to run a law firm would be dealing with several types of cases, not only the car accident cases, and it would be clearly mentioned on their website.

Check for the team.

A team of lawyers is always better than a single lawyer, as there would be different people who can analyze your case. Moreover, discussing your case with a team gives you more confidence. While searching the website of the shortlisted law firms, you must check for the team. Then check the qualifications of the team members.

Shortlist three best law firms.

Once checking through all the tests mentioned above, you must shortlist the three best law firms. Now you are going to meet the lawyers, visit their offices. Do not forget to have the best questionnaire for them. However, currently, it would be impossible for most of us to visit the law firms and travel, so it is better to have an online discussion as many advanced law firms are offering online services too.

Check the certificates.

Many states have taken this responsibility, and they give special certificates to the lawyers who wish to become car accident or personal injury lawyers. You need to ask the law firm to give you a scanned copy of the certificates; then, you can cross-check the certificates through their certificate numbers. It would be an easy yet essential step.

Check the testimonials.

Why would someone lie about a lawyer? It would cost them a lot of money, so the testimonials available at the site are often true. Furthermore, you can also ask the law firm to give you the contact or Facebook IDs of the older clients as you want to get an assurance. It would give you a clear idea about the performance of the law firm for such cases.

Check the experience.

The more a lawyer ah worked, the better it will be. As car accident cases are not very serious, so you do not have to worry much about the experience. A lawyer with almost five years of experience would be fine for the car accident case.