Amazing clip shows Scots student walking 65ft high tightrope at beauty spot while wearing kilt


AN AMAZING video shows a Scottish student walking along a 65ft high tightrope – while wearing a kilt.

Owen Hope completed the heart racing walk at the Rock and Spindle rock formation in Fife on Saturday as a part of the nationwide fundraiser, Kiltwalk.

The 21-year-old, who started slacklining at the start of the first lockdown, came up with the idea to raise funds for the Special Needs Action Project (SNAP).

In the clip, the daredevil from Inverness can be seen gracefully hoisting himself up onto the tiny line. 

Owen’s kilt naturally hides his short harness and safety equipment, making for an extra tense feel to the footage. 

The camera then shows a birds eye view from high above the slackline, showing the view that Owen is faced with. 

The camera pans out across the rocky formation as Owen hangs in the balance high above the coast line. 

The view then snaps back above the line, showing just how exposed he is to the elements.

Owen posted a highlight video to Facebook yesterday, writing: “Here’s a short film of my highline walk for Snap Inverness as part of the Kiltwalk.

Student walks 65ft high slackline in kilt | Scottish News
Owen carried out his kilted walk high in the air at the Rock and Spindle rock formation in Fife.                       (C) Owen Hope

“We have raised £1,700 so far.

“This will get topped up by 50% an anonymous donor.

“The new topped-up-total will then get topped up again by The Hunter Foundation.

“There is still time left to donate. If you can’t – share this with someone who can.”

Speaking today Owen, a Geography and Social Anthropology student at The University of St Andrews, said: “I knew about the Kiltwalk through working at SNAP because other colleagues had done it. 

“Because it was virtual this year, and you could do whatever you wanted for it, I thought I could perhaps do a highline.

“After a year of slacklining in local parks, and over the St Andrews Harbour, I was quite aware of the attention it draws from people walking by – pretty much due to how ridiculous it looks.  

Student walks 65ft high slackline in kilt | Scottish News
Owen practiced for two months to perfect the stunt.                                                                                  (C) Owen Hope

“It seemed like a good way to get people’s attention onto something a lot more important than just walking along a thin bit of webbing. 

“It looks quite calming, but at the beginning highlining is actually quite a stress on the body.  

“Lots of fear to overcome, I’m not immune to being scared of heights.  

“But it is very rewarding and there is always a healthy level of adrenaline, it does feel quite cool.

Student walks 65ft high slackline in kilt | Scottish News
Owen used the eye catching spectacle to draw eyes towards SNAP, who he’s worked with for seven years.    (C) Owen Hope

“Doing the challenge was very good fun. It was basically a day in the sun with friends. 

“It has been incredibly well received, which I am very stoked about. We’re at about £1,800 on the fundraiser.  

“Once this getting multiplied by our two benefactors, it’ll be at £4,050 which is incredible.” 

Originally from Inverness, Owen realised how much attention slacklining drew from passers by after executing some bold walks over St Andrews harbour. 

He has now raised £1,800 which, once multiplied by two other benefactors, will raise over £4,000 for SNAPS – a charity that he has worked with for seven years.