Poet chops up controversial party flyer and makes her own


A POET has chopped up a controversial Scottish Family Party flyer to create a poster that “opposes hate” and “protects abortions”.

Dr Katie Ailes was horrified when a flyer came through her door yesterday for the Scottish Family Party.

The 28-year-old then decided to recreate her own version of the leaflet by completely changing the parties ideologies in the process.

The original flyer reads: “Vote Scottish Family Party.

Poet chops up controversial party flyer - Scottish News
Pictured: The original Scottish Family Party leaflet.

“There’s a void in Scottish politics and we’re here to fill it!”

Some of the key points made in the leaflet include the likes of: “We value families.

“We respect life, opposing both abortion on demand and assisted suicide.

“We demand academic rigour and good behaviour in schools.

“We protect free speech opposing all hate speech legislation.

“We oppose transgender ideology especially the confusing of children.”

However, Katie then used scissors and glue to make her own version which reads: “Protect and respect transgender children.

Poet chops up controversial party flyer - Scottish News
Pictured: What Katie decided to do with the flyer.

“Demand good sex education.

“Protect free abortion.

“Oppose hate.”

The bottom of her flyer says: “Vote the vulgar and corrupting stale old Scottish Family Party into the void.”

Katie then decided to share her creation onto Twitter yesterday [WED], captioning her post: “Hey Scottish Family Party, thank you for the free art supplies through the letterbox!

“Hope you like my collage.”

Since she shared the pictures of her own flyer, the Scottish Family Party have blocked her on Twitter and her tweet has received over 1,500 likes and dozens of comments.

@pellowponders said: “They seem not to like your expression of free speech.

“I think it’s excellent.”

@heyworstartist posted: “A masterpiece.”

@DTaylorArtist commented: “This is good Katie. Proper magical.”

Poet chops up controversial party flyer - Scottish News
Katie shared her reworking of the flyer onto Twitter.

Speaking today Katie said: “When I got the flyer through my letterbox, I was caught between two emotions: anger and laughter.

“Anger because the SFP’s policies are rooted in bigotry and actively harmful to so many people; laughter because of the sheer hypocrisy of their messaging.

“One of my favourite forms of poetry is found poetry, where you take a piece of existing text and cut it up to rearrange it, or black out parts of it, to make a new text.

“I love doing this with political speech because you can completely undermine the original messaging and reveal your own opinions through their words.

“This party propaganda just called for the scissors!”

The Scottish Family Party is headed up by former teacher Richard Lucas and they made headlines last month after claiming responsibility for projections made onto a sexual health clinic which said: “Unborn Lives Matter.”

Projections were shone onto the Chalmers Sexual Health Centre in Edinburgh and sparked outrage amongst pro choice campaigners and visitors.

The Scottish Family Party also made headlines earlier this month after announcing that a former gay porn star would be running as their regional candidate in the Highlands and Islands.

Philipp Tanzer – who starred in several adult films such as Rear Deliveries under the name Logan McCree – will represent the party in the May elections.